Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Work in Progress: Too early for July 4th?

Here's the question.

What can you do in an hour?

Today I did this:

I'm working (way in advance, I'd like to point out) on a project for July 4th. 

I managed to get a pattern roughed out (so I can make another, neater version of this) and get this proto type sewn up (it's not closed up in the back).  Of course, I need to ad a cute face and a sinister little flame, but I'd say I got a lot done in an hour (my lunch hour to be exact).

I also got a good start on the pattern for a different design.  I would have kept working on it but I snapped the thread (I was doing a running stitch to make a ball shape) and got frustrated so had to put it aside.  But I think the sizing I have is going to work.

I have a little free time now so I might work on sketches for the flame.

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