Monday, April 23, 2012

Waiting is the hardest part.

Sing along with me and Tom Petty.

The wa-ai-iting is the haaaa-deeest. . .part.

Waiting for today to be OVER so I can get home and tear into the fabrics I ordered from The Fat Quarter Shop.  According to the USPS tracking, that package should be waiting on my porch when I get home.

Two bundles of color coordinated fat quarters means it just might be. . .

Miriam mermaid and her pet octopus time.

I've been dieing to work on the Wee Wonderfuls mermaiden pattern (it's from the book) but my fabric supply was lacking.  I have flesh-like tones (I have some great beigey tan just waiting) but I wasn't thrilled with the fin/hair choices I had.  So these new bundles of fat quarters should give me some more choices (though I'm still leaning toward using the goldfish print fabric for the mer-tail).

And tomorrow is a day off.  So I'll have two bundles of fat quarters and all day to play.

(and I might just be taking my office desk lamp home to start working on the embroidered zodiac lamp shade I've been thinking about).

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