Friday, May 19, 2017

Fluff Project UPDATE!!

That there is my happy face at finally getting this latest round of Fluff sewing DONE.

It's also my happy face at having changed the way I'm doing my charity sewing (just a wee change).  Instead of trying to make a set number of items per month, I'm just going to aim to for one huge total for the year.

My previous goal was 10 items per month, which brings the yearly total to 120.  I'm going to up that to 150 items total for the year and do away with the "monthly" thing.  That way I don't feel the odd pressure I feel (yeah, that sounds dumb, I know) when I fall behind and am still working on X month when it's now Z month.

It also frees me up to share the charity items with whatever charity comes along.  Fluff Project will always be my number one outlet for the stuffed toys I make (and I'm dedicated to 60 items per year minimum for them no matter what) but I like sharing the love.  That and Dolls of Hope contacted me over Instagram letting me know they're all about the handmade dolls/bears for their charity work and I like the message they're putting out there and they have two particular patterns they make which made deciding what to make a no-brainer (remember, I am lazy).

Blah, blah, me rambling about how I've been a slow poke with my sewing. . .get on with the pictures, right!

Ok. . .you're right.  Pics or it didn't happen.

BOOM, in your face with 32 two items.

UGH!  That's me thrusting my pelvis in the direction of those babies and bears and being ever so modest and composed and. . .yeah, you know I like to show off my stuff and that's a big fat buttload of stuff I finally finished.  (and why the whole "X per month" thing was making me uptight when it took a lot longer to churn these out then I wanted).

BABIES!!!!  A veritable United Colors of Benetton of babies right there.

Four different shades, none of which is "super light" because those pale ass babies show too much stains/dirt marks.  Yes, I just typed that out but it's true.  These babies are going to kids in refugee camps (among other places) and darker fabrics will fair better.  Oh, and it's also NICE to make ALL skin tones so kids can find a baby that matches them (if they want) or maybe they just WANT a baby that doesn't look like them because they think that baby is pretty/cute.  I feel you on that one, I'm a particular fan of the darker skin baby with the orange hair there on the left of the pic.  That's a groovy combo if I do say so myself.

Honestly, I really like the darker face shades because they're more forgiving when it comes to the marking pens I use to draw in the faces (for the embroidery).  The lighter fabrics tend to cling to the ink (even though it's disappearing or air/water soluble) and you can get ghost images if you veer off course when embroidering.  And my ass veers off course all the damn time.

What goes perfectly with infants?

Why predators, of course.

Buncha bears.  Grrr!

Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE picking out fabrics for projects.  It's my favorite step and these bears were extra fun because they don't have to be "realistic" (like the baby faces need to be).  Purple bear?  SURE!  Chartreuse?  HELL YES.  I love chartreuse so much I know how to properly spell it without having to double check.  That is LOVE right there, folks.

The one thing I noticed about the bears (which amuses me to no end) is they get busty as you stuff them.  I had to mash them around a lot so they all didn't end up looking like Dolly Parton.  Though a Dolly bear would be fabulous (but I don't know I'd want to work with glittery fabric or deal with the wigs. . .holy crap, the wigs!)

OH, and shout out to the Care Bear fabric.  Some very kind person on swapbot (sorry, I forget who they are now. . .it was a long time ago) gave me that fabric as an extra in a swap we were in.  Out of nowhere they just wanted me to have YARDAGE of this super adorable Care Bear fabric because they knew I sewed stuffed toys for charity.  SEE. .. .that is kindness in action right there.  It had to be a yard and a half to two yards (it was a big ole piece) and I got a ton of items out of it and I think there's still a good piece left.  It was just so perfect for the babies in particular and I'm grateful to that nice person for their kindness.

Be kind to others and make the world a better place, folks.  It's not that hard to do and you'll get a rush out of it.  Really, you will.

Quilt Finish!!

Finished a quilt. . .yes I did.

Ok, it was only a baby/crib sized quilt but it's still a quilt and it was a gift and everyone ooohhhh and aaaahhh'd over it and I totally got a buzz off the attention.  See, I don't lie here.  I like making things for folks when I know they'll really give me what I want, which is attention (just a moment of "ooh, it's so nice. .. you made it!")

Once again, my lack of photography skills rears its ugly head.  RAWR.

I used THIS pattern and it was very easy.  I used Ed Emberley fabric (as they did in the pattern) with the exception of one blender print and the border fabric.  For the borders I used a white on white with a non-directional pattern.

The backing was just the elephant print (the baby's theme was gray and elephants) and did super simple in the ditch quilting around every other block (with neutral colored thread).  The binding was wrap around style so the elephants would be on the front and because I just didn't feel that a hand stitched binding would be tough enough for a baby quilt, which know will get washed a TON.

Of course, I needed supervision.  Feline supervision.

So, Feline Inspector Number One, does it meet with your approval?

*Gene is not amused by my sarcastic tone*

"Well, it does stand up to vigorous rolling but the real test will be. . ."

Looks like it's a winner.

"Do you mind. . .I'm trying to rest."

And that is why the quilt had to be washed before I gifted it.  Well, that and I wanted to make sure the colors didn't bleed and that it would just survive the wash.  It survived and looked even better once it had that rumpled look.  I like that look (which is good because I hate pre-washing anything!).

I did try to piece the batting on this quilt and it was a big ole fail.  I think that's something I should try with a "for home" quilt and it might work but this was not the project for experimenting.

I'm still making stuff. . .wanna see?

Know why I've been neglecting this blog?  Instagram.  It's all Instagram's fault.  That and being lazy.  Instagram rewards my lazy self because I can just post the pic right from my phone (right after I take it), give a little blurb, and done.

BUT. . .there is something fun about being able to really blabber about the stuff in a nice rambling blog post (and it's a slow day at work so I need to look busy).

It's been a few months and I'm still making stuff.  In fact, not having posted here in a while I realize I've churned out quite a bit lately.  Where to start?

Ok, let's start with the random things, mostly gifts for others.


Guinea pig!  I've made two of these before.  This was a single pig made for a co-worker who was leaving for a new job.  She used to take us (meaning the office folks who were interested) to see the baby guinea pigs (in the labs) so she needed a guinea pig as a going away present, naturally.   (Ric Rac pattern used)

Let me just side bar, baby guinea pigs are just about the cutest little things I've ever seen.  They are born looking just like miniature versions of full grown GPs and they can eat sold food fresh out the womb (though they do nurse).  I so wanted to stuff one down my shirt and steal it but the workplace does frown on theft and my husband frowns on rodents as pets so. . .no baby GP for me.

Next up, a baby gift for my SIL (well, it may be a gift more for my SIL but it's under the guise of "for the baby". . .pishaw, that baby can share)

My sister-in-law likes her some Dr. Who and cats so. . .see this is why this gift is more for her than her baby.   (dolls and daydreams pattern used)

Speaking of. . .a new niece means the Bratling count (remember, Bratlings are all my husband's nieces/nephews) to FOUR.  Which means I have to come up with an official Bratling name for this new one.  Which meant I had to amend the Bratling naming scheme a tiny bit.

The new list:

OB1 :  aka The Original Bratling (the eldest)  formerly known as merely The Bratling until he was no longer the only one.

Her Royal Hind-Brat:  aka the first female bratling (second eldest of the group and formerly known as the She-Brat)  Play on Her Royal Highness (this child is a bit of a princess of her castle. . .in a not overly obnoxious way)

Wee-Brat:  also brother to OB1 (no name change yet, he's still little so no personality based name has emerged yet)

Ab-Brat-cadabra:  so named because she was late to her own birth, which leads me to believe this kid will like making an entrance (keep folks waiting!) so she has a "ta-da!" feel to her.  I was going to go with "Tardy-Brat" but that has negative implications with the expression "tard" and I don't like that for a number of reasons.  Ab-Brat-cadabra is also a little nod to this new she-brat's real name.

Blah blah. . .next up, a gift for OB1.

Back at christmas time, after being presented with the jigglypuff I made for him, I was informed by OB1 that the only pokemon he still needed for his collection was an oddish.  He instructed both me and his grandmother that we needed to get cracking on making this creature for him (hey, he is a brat after all).  Once I looked up what the hell an oddish was (and saw it was basically a ball with feet and leaf hair) I told OB1 that I'd see what could be done for his birthday (notice, no promises just a "might happen" type thing).   (original pattern based off a basic ball pattern I got via sweetbriar sisters baby bird pattern)

I'm happy to report oddish did happen before his birthday but he didn't get it until about a week later when I actually saw him (I don't see any of the bratlings much, which is fine with me. . .they are perfectly nice children but none of them live super close and I'm just not keen on taking vacation time just to hang out with a kid. . .sounds harsh but that's not my idea of a good time).

Oddish did have one design flaw which I'm fixing now.  I need to more firmly attach his leaf wig to his head.  OB1 (being a brat) was none too gently with oddish (swinging him by the leaf hair) and the hair came lose.  My design flaw, I should have remembered my target audience here.  So I just need to stitch the hair on a bit more firmly (using a button to anchor the stitching at the bottom of his body then running the thread up through the body AND putting a few stitches directly in the leaves to the top of the head).

Despite the design flaw, oddish was well received (if being flung about a desolate mall is to be considered "well received" which in the case of OB1 I'd say is a big yes).  I was happy with how he turned out so that's all that really matters.

Next up:


Some patches

I'm doing a color series of patch swaps on swapbot and these are the orange and red rounds.  I missed the yellow round (oops!) but plan to keep up with the series.

And I did a pincushion swap:

I re-purposed some shopkin packaging (they come in baskets/boxes like these) to make a pair of pin cushions for the swap and one for me.  I kept the pumpkin.  I had the idea to make a pin cushion out of it for a while but just never did it.  So this swap was good to get me to do that.  They turned out really nice, so I was very pleased.

Then, I did a doll swap.

We were to use an existing pattern (cupcake doll pattern) and make a doll based on what our partner requested.  My partner wanted Stevonnie, a character from Steven Universe.  It's a cartoon I'm not familiar with but google can solve that problem lickety split.  S/he (Stevonnie is a combination of a male character and a female character, so s/he has no one gender) turned out VERY well and was a big hit with my partner.


Finished my first octopus painting.  I'm very pleased with it.

Then I started (and I think might be finished with) this canvas.

 It's just a fun little abstract (that looks really bad in this pic, I swear it's more fun in person).  I just needed something fast (this only took about three classes, which is break neck speed for me when it comes to painting) before I moved on to my next (and much bigger) canvas.

I just started this one last class.  It's another octopus themed piece.  I like how it's looking already but I know I'll get to a stage where I think it's a flaming sack of dog crap.  That's how painting works for me, each canvas has to go through a cycle.  First is excitement to start (with a bit of trepidation).  Then wondering if you did it right (that's where this new canvas is currently heading. . .where I'm trying to figure out if I have everything drawn out so it will look ok at the end).  Then hating everything about it (aka the cursing stage).  Then kind of liking it but not sure if it's really that good.  Then realizing it's done and it doesn't matter, it's done and you made it and that's that.

Speaking of painting, I definitely have my favorites and some I actively despise.  And a whole bunch that I'm just "meh" about.  They are not like your children.  Or maybe they are!  I don't have kids (and this is one of the many reasons I don't. . .I'd feel so bad if after it was all said and done I loved the kid but I found their personality was just not compatible with mine and I thought they were just kind of a dick or a bore or something negative. . .I know that totally happens but I just don't want to deal with that).

Ok, I'm ending this post here because I want to make separate posts for the QUILT I made and for the Fluff stuff that's been finished.  

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

2017: January Recap

I realized I haven't posted anything from what I've been up to for January.

I did set myself some creative/crafty goals:

1.  5 Fluff tems per month (minimum)
2.  5 Mirabel items per month (minimum)
3.  Try something new (new pattern, block, something)
4.  Make a quilt top

1-3 will be something I do every month.  Number 4 is something I'd like to be able to do but I'm willing to admit that sometimes that one just might not work out (because some tops are time consuming, etc).  And I want to not just make the tops but finish them (by years end) so I won't be making 12 tops this year.  Right now my quilting goals are set at three/four finished quilts.  One is a top I already have done, two are tops I want to make, and one is a baby gift.  I think that's a reasonable goal for the year.

But anyway, what did I get up to for January?

First, Fluff and Mirabel:

That there is a dozen seahorses.  Six for each cause.  It got these done early and am already working on February's items (that will be at the end of the post).

For the "try something new" I suppose I have THREE things for the month (just got lucky).  In no particular order:

Pussy hat!  Had to get my Women's March on and when I realized I had left over pink fleece (from making the jigglypuff doll) I figured why not?  It took just about an hour start to finish (and by start that means getting the fabric from the craft room and cutting out the pattern).  Pattern is HERE.

Then, I also tested two patterns for Sweetbriar Sisters.  (really, get on their pattern tester list, it's good stuff).

Hmm, is that an egg?

It's unzipping. .. what's inside?

Welcome to the world!  Come on out.

Zipper egg and little bird.

The zipper egg was kind of a pain in the ass to make.  Not a total pain in the ass but more of a pain then I thought it would be and it's not going to work out as something I can "mass produce" for charity (too labor intensive).  BUT, it's not the fault of the pattern.  The pattern made it easy to do and I got very good results from my first go around.

The only real "problem" with the pattern is the bird just barely fits in the egg.  They noted they could resize the bird but honestly I'd prefer they make the egg larger.  The bird is a good size.  Small but not so small it's hard to work with.

Close up of the bird.  His beak is a little crooked but still within "acceptable to donate to charity" range.  BUT. . .I might just keep him and his egg since the egg was such a bother I think of it like my reward.

How cute is that fabric?  Feather print for the win!

What else. . .what else. . .OH, quilting. .

The top I'm working on is a cat face block (check out Stash Bee blog for a ton of fun blocks. .. that's where this one came to my attention).  As of this writing, the top is NOT done.  All the blocks (like pictured) are done and I have 30.  So a nice even number to use for a quilt (5 across, 6 down).  I need to put sashing strips between each to make the rows and then I think I'm going to do a type of "quilt as you go" technique to finish the top and the whole damn quilt at one time.

I've made a "strip as you go" quilt before (where you sew strips down to the backing/batting so the quilt top is sewn together right onto the batting and backing in one go) and I think this method will work for this quilt.  I made a tester (from two spare faces) to check my hypothesis.

(enlarged that bad boy a lot)

Don't mind how wonky it is, I was not trying for perfection (and if you look close you'll see the one of the side sashes is sewn on wrong side up!).  I started by sewing down the top sashing (sized to the width of the cat face block).  Then I sewed the first cat face block on (face down on the sandwich, then flip it right side up). then the middle sashing (I pieced together scraps!), then the next face, and finally the bottom sashing.  Then I put on the side sashings, trimmed the batting and rolled the backing fabric to the front for binding.  For just being a tester piece, it turned out well (meaning it worked like I wanted it to).  I think I'm going to just go balls out and try making the quilt this way.  Worst case scenario, it will be a train wreck.  BUT, it will count as a "try something new" so it won't be a total loss, right?

So I just need to finish up this top (hopefully as a full quilt) and then I'll move on to either another top for myself or the baby quilt I need to make (by May/June).

What's am I up to now?

February's charity sewing is already in full swing.  It's snails!  I think there are 14 or 16 or something like that (I forget now exactly how many).  OH, and for March I'm going to add a third charity to the mix (more on that another time, gotta get those snails done first. . .I'm so bad at having tons of projects started at once so I have to stay focused or nothing will get done).

AND. . .I haven't stopped painting.  Now, I only paint 3 ish hours a week (for 6 weeks or so at a time. . .like a school semester) so I'm not really whipping out the finished canvases.  I did finally finish the chameleon set (which I gifted to my mother, who requested a painting. . .any painting. . .for Christmas. . .I'd never force my paintings on anyone, they aren't really that great in general. . .total rookie stuff).

ANYWAY, this is the canvas I'm working on now.

Octopus!  This is how it looks RIGHT NOW.  But I have painting tonight, so maybe. . .just maybe. . it'll be almost done after that (it's very close now. . .I'm trying to not go for "perfection" with my paintings so I can enjoy getting more actually FINISHED. . .this one is at the point where I'm starting to think about what my next canvas will be, so that means it's almost done).

(shout out to my hubby who's photobombing there in the background. . .woot! hey hubby!)

I'm aiming to make February as productive as January and I'm off to a good start!

Monday, December 19, 2016

What I made for Christmas!

The hubby requested (in a timely fashion, which is a christmas miracle in and of itself) some stuffed toys for The Bratlings (aka his nephews and niece) this year, so I obliged.

First up, for the Wee Brat (the youngest of the group, age approximately 2 years?  I really don't know his exact age nor do I lose sleep not knowing his age. . .he's a toddler that doesn't quite talk yet and is fairly skilled at walking though he bites it pretty good still).  Since the Wee Brat is still a "baby" he gets the simplest gift (much to my thrill!)

Pack Man inspired ghosts.  Like I said, super simple so I had to jazz it up a bit with the fruit print fabric on the back (prints on the front are pointless because it makes the face not as easily visible).  The eyes are just felt that was glued on (when I said simple, I meant it!) should Wee Brat take a gnaw on them, and he's still young enough that's highly likely.

Next up is She Brat (the niece, she's 4-5 years old?  again, not sure and don't really care either.  She's not yet kindergarten age but definitely older than the Wee Brat by a few years, so that age sounds about right)

I force the hubby to choose what to make The Bratlings based on patterns I have on hand (or if he finds a pattern on his own and it's in my skill set).

The "stripper turtle" (as it has be dubbed by me, because Stripper Turtle is fun to say, that would be the s.l.o.w.e.s.t. strip show EVER!) is from the book "Flip Dolls and other Toys that Zip, Stack, Hide, Grab, and Go" by Laura Wilson (no link cuz I ain't making free money for anyone here).  (oh and I think they need to add "strip" to that long ass title).

I've wanted to make that pattern for a bit but was up to my butt crack in other fluff sewing (of easier patterns that I've done before and know).  The pattern is ok but the instructions could be a bit more robust.  There's a lot of "assumption" in the instructions which made it a tiny bit confusing at points.  And sewing the face part of the turtle is a tiny bit tricky (not hard, just tricky because it's small).  I think I got some weird stretch in the fabric, too, because me turtle's face was a bit longer than the ones in the photos.  But I think they used heavier fabric for their turtles.  She still turned out ok, but I'd like to work the pattern a bit more to see if I can get a better result.

OH, and she's made with spinach print fabric and wearing a chocolate candy shell.  I love, love, love picking out fabrics for projects even if the recipients don't really even notice how effing fabulous my choices are (or I forget to point it out, because I'm modest like that).

She has three shells, which are very easy to make (the easiest part of the pattern).

Last but not least, for the O.B. (aka Original Bratling.  You may find it mean that I refer to the children as "bratlings" but it's a total term of affection from me.  Aunt Jenny is just not that into kids to start with and really, kiddos can handle being put in their place.  And all children no matter how special and wonderful and unique a snowflake they are, are brats at some point, so Bratling is a totally appropriate nickname.  That said, I don't refer to them as "bratlings" around their parents because they all as a collection have zero to no sense of humor and would be Deeply Hurt that I call a brat a brat, especially when that brat is THEIR brat. . but trust me, each and everyone of The Bratlings have lived up to their shared group nickname).

Oh, the O.B. used to be the bratling, but when the third kiddo came along I had to re-do my naming structure, so as the oldest the O.B. had to get a name change.  He's 7 (and the original) so he's currently my "favorite" (if I really do have a favorite, which I'm not sure I do).  That's only because he's more interesting than the younger ones because he has a more developed personality (and he's a nice kid).

The O.B. is deep into Pokemon and Jigglypuff is his jam right now.

So this happened.

I jigglied the effing puff out of that Jigglypuff, if I do say so myself.

I used the spider body pattern (from the Sweetbriar Sisters pattern).  It's the "mama" sized which is effing HUGE.  Ok, not huge but super big which was perfect for this project.  Jiggly is made with pick fleece and I just freehanded his features including his hair which turned out so freaking good.  If I made this again, I'd widen the ears a tad (so they didn't stand as tall) and make the back part smaller over all.

I did enlist the hubby to help with the eyes. I whipped up what was close to right and then he helped trim them and get them perfected before I glued them together then on (no annoying stitching for me cuz I'm lazy!).  How much to I love that the mouth is just a little bitty scrap of a scrap?  Right, that's some level ten recycling there, folks.

OH,and Jigglypuff there BOUNCES.  That's only because I stuffed the HELL out of him.  I did not tell O.B. this, lest he start winging Jiggly around the room (which he totally would if he knew he could get away with that crap with me).

Monday, December 5, 2016

Fluff Project and some swaps

I haven't had many finishes to show off here lately.  I share in progress pics of things on instagram.  I also haven't done any swaps in so long but I just did three right in a row so now I finally have something to show off.

Swaps first!

First one was for a Junker Jane style doll.

While you're allowed to make whatever you want, this swap did ask folks to mention if the preferred "creepy" or "cute".  My partner was cool with either one so I did my best to lean on the creepy side.

And this happened:

It may be a bit too subtle, but I had a definite intention with this doll.  Since I was aiming for "creepy" I grabbed the low hanging fruit that is T***p (yes, I'm editing that word because I don't even like to think it let alone type it or say it. . .vulgar word that it is).  This doll is a cross between T***p and that racist frog cartoon (P**e, again, censoring the word because I don't want to be associated with it in any way).  But I did want it to be subtle, too, since I don't know the person it was going to and didn't want to get them all riled up should they be a T supporter.  I'm very pleased with how it turned out.  I think it's creepy without being repulsive and it's just a wee bit whimsical (I won't say "cute" since I know what I was going for and I'd never use "cute" to describe that waste of human flesh or that cartoon character).

Orange skin frog shaped creature in a blue suit, forked lying tongue hanging out of its creepy slit of a mouth.  Dead, black eyes, narrowed in a hateful glare, surrounded by large white circles.  Head of unruly fake looking hair.

Yup, I think I nailed it.

And as if that's not enough, after you handle the doll a bit you just want to wash your hands.  The blue dye on the fabric does come off on your hands (that wasn't part of my original plan, but I did appreciate the irony after the fact).

I was tempted to make the hands super tiny but instead I went a tiny bit more subtle with:

Gold cape.  I mean, come on.  You know if he could get away with wearing a gold cape (a la the wrestling foolishness he used to participate in) he totally would.  And, I could make the cape without having to do a damn thing.  The piece of fabric was already cut in a cape like shape so I just had to sew it to the shoulders.  Doing minimal work, that fits with the theme too!  Go me!

I haven't been rated for the junker jane doll yet so I'm hoping it's just a matter of the recipient being busy and not that they got my joke and were all butthurt over it.  Honestly, too fucking bad if they are.  I made a damn cool junker jane style doll and sent it on time so. . .

Now, a palate cleanser (not that I despise that JJ doll. . .I love it and kind of wanted to keep it but it really does need to go out into the world).

Ok, palate cleanser.

This swap was for either a doll in a costume or an animal in clothing.  I went with animal in clothing.

Polar bear in a tutu and crown, to be specific.

I really wanted to put her in a bikini but after she was all sewn up it just wouldn't work.  There wasn't enough room on the chest for a decent looking bra top and this bear has some serious booty.  So tutu it was.

(side note, the minute I started working with the tulle Gene was up in my grill trying to eat it.  That cat is obsessed with tulle.  Not exaggerating, I couldn't even turn my back on the tulle or he as leaning in trying to bite it).  The wee crown is removable (but not the tutu, that sucker is tied to her waist).

I had the same partner for the tutu bear and another swap for amigurumi fruit/veggie.  So this was the full swap package:

I went super lazy and just gave her one of my sweet pickles.  I managed to get 21 pickles out of the piece of fabric I bought just to make them, so it seemed like it was meant to be.  Then I was left with 10 for fluff and 10 for mirabel.

Speaking of fluff and pickles:

I mailed the bag of 10 to Kristy at the same time I was mailing the swaps.

I also sent her a second bag of goodies:

5 spiders, 2 crabs, 1 chameleon, and 3 zip pouches.

So, 21 more items mailed off to fluff.

As of this post, I have mailed off 41 items to Fluff for 2016.

Waiting to be mailed I have:  5 cats, 5 puppies, 5 ghosts, 4 mama/baby sets, 2 pigs

Still being sewn I have:  3 rabbits, 6 deer

So, if my math is correct, after I get everything in progress done, I'll have 71 items for Fluff (for 2016)

Fluff had to take a short back seat for some Christmas sewing I'm doing.  I'm about half done with that so I'll finish up Fluff sewing right after that.

The Mirabel total might be slightly smaller than that only because I pull 5 for Fluff first for each item I mass produce.  I try to make 10 of each item but sometimes I don't have fabrics that work to make 10 total.  That happened with the Ewoks (I pulled a few of those to give as a gift, so I ended up with less than 10) and the crabs.  Occasionally Mirabel will get more of an item than Fluff, too.  With the crabs, I think Mirabel got more because I was trying to round out the 3 pouches (so added 2 crabs to it to make 5 items, since I still think in "5/month" when it comes to making and didn't feel like making more pouches).

Man, I have to get those damn deer finished.  It's not that I don't want to make them, it's just that more interesting projects came along.  I still need to do faces on them, baste limbs, turn and baste ears/antlers, and then assemble (I might have to put tails on, too, but I think I got that done).  It's just so many steps with that pattern (not hard, just kind of boring).

I'll have all Fluff and Mirabel items mailed out by Mirabel's deadline.  Then I'm going to focus on making sure I get each month done during the actual month so I can have some time for sewing things just for me (I have some quilts I want to make!).

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fluff Project and Softies for Mirabel UPDATE

I've been cranking out the stuffies lately.  See, that's what happens when I get behind on my monthly goal for Fluff and I'm anxiously awaiting the "send by" date for the Softies for Mirabel collection via Spoonflower.

So, I sew.

This is the batch I finished a few weeks back (I showed them off as "in progress" in the previous post).  There are 12 puppies, 11 cats, 2 pigs, and 1 deer.

So that means the puppies and cats are totally DONE for both Fluff and Mirabel.

The deer was just a test run on the pattern.  I usually do that, make one all the way through to get a feel for it then start assembly line production of them (ok, I tend to cut everything then make one all the way through then go back and assembly line).

The pigs are from the pattern I got in the mystery bundle.  All the fabric (except the felt bits) were in that bundle, too.  I'll do a "what the bundle made" post to show all the items I made from that purchase once I'm done with all the items.  I have three more animals of this style (bunnies, not pigs) from that same pattern that are cut but I haven't go to sewing on them just yet.

After that massive finish, I got another mess of items done (just in the past few days).  They include:

Four more deer.
(there are 5-7 more of these in progress, I forget now if I cut 10 total or 12, I think it was 12)

Eight mama animals with babies.
These were from a pair of cut and sew panels I bought as a treat.  Sometimes it's just nice to have a simple and fast project like a cut and sew panel.  These ones were a decent deal, too.  Missouri Quilt Co had free shipping (no minimum) so I decided I needed these.  You get four sets per panel, so that means each set came out to be only a few dollars each.  Totally doable.  (you know I'll be watching to snag more of these if they go on sale anywhere. . .this is a really new fabric line, so it might be a while before they go on sale).

Ten ghosts.
That's all I could get out of that remnant of fabric.  It was a little annoying to work with (kind of slippery and stretchy) but they turned out SO cute and just a tiny bit fluffy, silky.  Totally worth the tiny bit of annoyance.  (and shout out to Joann fabric's remnant bin. . .I love it so much!)

Four spiders.
Actually, I finished six but two of them weren't for Fluff/Mirabel so I didn't include them in this post.  I have five more of these to finish (in fact, I just sewed up a pair of them yesterday and they're in the "get stuffed" basket with four crabs and a chameleon).

Let's end this with one final pic.  This is NOT an up to date Mirabel snap.  I didn't include any of the ghosts, spiders, deer, or the mama/baby sets.

That there is:

6 cats
5 weiner dogs
5 chameleons
5 ponies
2 ewoks
6 puppies (I think only 5 are pictured but there are a dozen of those so there should be six for each project)

Add to that:
5 ghosts
4 mama/baby sets
5 spiders (in progress)
6 deer (in progress)

GRAND TOTAL (so far)

That's JUST the Mirabel count.  And I have fabrics pulled to make seahorses (hopefully 10 total) and I want to make pickles again (but have to find the dimpled minky at a good price)

What about Fluff?

Well, they got:

5 chameleon
5 ponies
5 weiner dogs
5 ewoks
5 cats
6 puppies
5 ghosts
4 mama/baby sets
(and in progress)
5 spider
6 deer
5 mystery bundle pattern (2 pigs, 3 bunnies)

That's 56 items!  (oh and two pouches)

Holy crap, I'm almost to my yearly goal for Fluff!  I only need to make one more item (after finishing the in progress ones) and I'm GOOD!

BUT. . .2015 I made 68 items for Fluff, so I'd like to at least match that goal.

BUT. . .BUT. . .2015 I only had 35 Mirabel items and I've crushed that already so. . .I think I'm still good.

But I would like to beat 2015's Fluff total if I could.  So, new goal.  70 items for Fluff (for 2016) and 60 items for Mirabel (for 2016).

SO. . .I need (after I finish all in progress items):

11 more for Mirabel
12 more for Fluff

TOTALLY doable.