Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Teesha Patches : Astrological Signs and Queen (music patch)

Some patches I just finished up.

First, Astrological Signs.  The challenge was to make your partner's signs (east and west signs).

Rooster and Cancer.

What the what?  Did I really. . .

Yes, yes I did.

I finally used some of my Happy Drawing (or maybe it's Happy Drawing Too) fabric.  I've been hoarding both lines since the minute they were introduced and it was time to finally use a little bit.  I just love both lines so dang much.

I also used some of the cool glittery embroidery floss I just bought, too.  Let me just say, that stuff is a pain to work with.  Not horrible but it twists a LOT.  But the finished stitches look really good.  (tip:  don't sew with a long piece of the sparkly floss--shorter is better for it)

I put bead eyes on the two bigger crabs and gave them sparkly symbols (hee hee, sixty-nine!).  The big orange one got a bit of embroidery on the legs, too (gray got shorted because its legs were covered by the border.

Smaller crabs got french knot eyes and beading/embroidery.  Blue got beaded claws and embroidered legs while. . .

Orange just got beaded legs.

I used the sparkly floss to sew the frame, too.  I love the look.

Next up, Rooster.

Oh, how badly I wanted to write "cock" instead of rooster.

Again, I used the sparkly floss for the writing.

Did you notice I used the same fabric for the front of this and the back of the crabs?  It's a fun fabric with sparkly stars.

The rooster is from the Kawaii pack I bought.  I had one other fabric with roosters but they were goofier looking (and on this obnoxious yellow fabric).  This rooster was clearly the best for this project.

Just a close up of the beads and stitching.  I was tempted to do the writing in glitter but was afraid it would rub off too easily.  And actual glitter can be a hot button for some folks who just hate it with a passion.

The patch needed a bit more and I'd been wanting to use some of the bigger beads I have so I took some that looked more like planets.  I love the bumpy texture on the light blue one.

And the backs.

For reference, the bigger patch is 5x5.

Next up is the patch I made for the Queen themed swap.  Yup, make a patch based on a Queen song.

Three guesses what I chose (and the first two don't count).

Fat Bottom Girls!

The idea was spawned from the little bike charms.  I found them while shopping and wanted them but needed to justify them (not for the cost, they were only a dollar or so for a pack of five) but I'm trying not to add too much to my craft hoard.

Then I remembered the song patch swaps we'd been having and BAM, we needed to have a Queen themed one so I could make a Fat Bottom Girls patch.

More embroidery.

Originally I was going to use some lined fabric for the front (lined to look like notebook paper) and then composition book cover fabric for the back (that mottled black like the cover of comp books) but then I was pawing through my fabric and HOT DAMN, I had bike fabric.

How sad is that that I forgot I had multiple yards of bike fabric.  In my defense, I have (I think) three yards of a different bike print that I bought to make a skirt (along with a pattern and all the notions) but I got too scared and never made it.  I had a yard of the print I have here but no good justification for having it except I thought it was cute and it was probably on some kind of good sale.  I swear, back in the day I used to buy fabric all the freaking time just because I was bored.  I'm getting a lot better about that, which is a big accomplishment.  But my fabric stash is way bigger than even I can imagine.  Oops!

I did remember that I had a scrappy piece of some Heather Ross bike print fabric but I wasn't sure I wanted to use it for this because the bikes are very child like and (to be totally honest) I'm very stingy with how I used that bit o'fabric.

The back of the patch.  All kinds of bikes and even scooters and wagons.  Get on your scooter and ride?  Ok, that doesn't have quite the same ring to it.  Though this fat bottom girl would totally want to be pulled around in a wagon cuz I be lazy, n'at.

What's next on my creating agenda?

How about a bag made with patches?  Yeah, working on that now.  And some other patches and dolls for the Fluff Project and some dotee dolls.  Oh, and painting.  I really do need to show off the painting I'm working on now.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Fabric Fast Update: Broke the Fast Again (and scrap pack review)

Confession is good for the soul, right?

Ok, then it's time to make a fabric buying confession.  And as I sat to type this I remembered that I have TWO confessions.

First is the one without a picture.  I just remembered that I scored a cool piece of Star Wars fabric in the remnant bin at Joanne's a weekend ago.  To be brutally honest, fast or no fast I would have snapped that fabric up without any guilt whatsoever.  It was the Star Wars fabric that's printed with the blueprints for the different ships AND it was the green version (the "best" one in my opinion).  The piece is BIG, too, nearly a yard and it cost me. . .wait for it. . .LESS THAN $3 (it was two and change).

Yeah, so I feel zero guilt on that one.

The next purchase (which is also a scrap pack review) has a tiny bit of guilt to it but not really.  I have a "good reason" I bought this scrap pack.

BACKSTORY:  I did an email survey for eQuilter and they gave me a $5 gift certificate.  I had to use it by 4/18 and I simply couldn't let it go to waste.  That gift certificate made my shipping fees only $1 (a bit less, I think).  Hey, $1 shipping is sweet.

We all know I do love a scrap pack so I decided that was the best way to get a nice bit of fabric variety for my deeply discounted shipping.

SO. . .I bought the Retro Booty Pack.  I was torn between the animal one and the retro one and what pushed me over the edge for the retro was the description on the animal one.  The animal one included insects and shells and to be honest I didn't want to run the risk of getting a bunch of seashell prints (bor-ing!).  I've also been in a retro mood (30 reproduction to be exact--love the washed out colors) so that sealed the deal.

Ok, enough yapping.  Time for pictures!

I got 10 different fabrics (great variety!) and none of them are bad.

Four fabrics here.  The one on the left is one of the smallest cuts.  It includes four of the pinwheels and two sets of just the petals.  I think the bigger petals could make cute wings for a funky art doll.  Definitely potential with that piece.

The second pieces is the biggest.  It's really fun.  All the images are like vintage embroidery patterns and (click on that pic to see it bigger) there is a CHICK CARRYING A BASKET FULL OF FLOWERS.  I have a secret love of chicks being used as beasts of burden.  I blame it on my youth and the candy molds my mother had.  There was one where a chick was pulling a cart that contained a giant egg.  This fabric also has a super cute calf and just a lot of fun images.  I also think it might be big enough to use for a wacky 9 patch block (I have another fabric that's in a similar theme so they might go well together).  It's also very low volume which is something I'm kind of intrigued by right now.

The fabric in the upper right corner is super funky.  It's olden days patriotic and features some rather ugly children.  Ugly children with GOLD.  Yeah, there is fuquerie potential with that piece, you can be assured.

The bottom right fabric is Frenchy to the max.  It's a light cream color and has vintage images and text and is very nice.  Too busy to be low volume but still very nice (lot of different images useful for applique and the like).

Three fabrics here, all appearing to be from the same line.

The one on the left is a WOF strip featuring very "campbell's soup kid" looking children in their underclothes.  I'm fairly certain they're meant to be fabric paper dolls (judging by the other panel there in this set).  Some of the girls don't look like they're in undies.  Their slips look like little sun dresses.  So I'm thinking I might sew them up as little dolls and give them to the Fluff Project.  I might run the pic by they hostess first, just so she doesn't think I'm a mega weirdo giving kids dolls in their undies.

The top/middle fabric is actually four panels (two girl, two boy) of fabric paper dolls.  Again, the girls don't really look that much like they're in their underwear but the boys really do (and that boy in the pic has some very unfortunate hair! he reminds me of the baby in the Adams Family movies!).

The bottom/middle piece is just the same children (dressed) repeated over the fabric.  It's about two children long and WOF.  Very cute.

Two fabrics here, again from the same line.

The one on the left is an odd cut.  Instead of WOF it's length and it's just *this much* too small to include a dress for each girl.  I think there is still great potential for this piece, though.  The girls' heads could be fussy cut out (to avoid the weirdness of having undies clad children popping up) or the feet trimmed out for I Spy squares, stuff like that.  And just as I was typing this I realized the girls could be cut out in full and used to make Teesha patches.  Like a dress up TM patch.  That could be cute.

The fabric on the right is a coordinating print (children are clothed) in a really pretty light yellow.  BUT, I have to say I find this fabric line a tiny bit creepy.  The girls are made up and have very primped hair that I find creepy and (in the yellow print) some are dressed it what appears to be only an apron.  At least that's what I thought when I saw the dresses offered on the dress up doll print.  Tell me that blue and pink "dress" doesn't look like an apron?  In the yellow fabric, the girls are wearing that style of "dress" and they still look a bit "nude".  Combine that with their makeup and hair and it's just a creepy look.  Reminds me of those creepy Shirley Temple movies where Temple was all coquettish and such.  Just a little icky to me.

I already used a bit of the yellow fabric for a Teesha patch.  The girls' faces are very cute and when fussy cut are very nice.  The images are well done (clear and crisp) but some are just a bit creepier than others.

Last but not least is my absolute favorite of the pack.


Technically I think it's a few pieces shy of the full panel.  As far as I can tell it's missing the front and back cover pieces but I can't say that I care about that much.  The puppies are so cute I can't wait to find something to use them in.  I didn't measure the squares but they are all pretty big (about 6 inches maybe).  Tons of uses for super cute images, never to worry.

I'm going to see if Kristy (Fluff Project founder/coordinator/great lady) would like these made into a few cute little pillows.  Or I might make a few dolls and make little quilts to go along with the dolls and use this fabric for the doll quilts.  I can definitely find uses for something this dang cute.

OK, so time to give an overall reaction/review to the eQuilter Retro Booty Pack.

Overall, I give it an A.

I got an eQuilter booty pack before (food theme) and this one was every bit as good as that one.  Nice variety, good size on the cuts, and high quality fabrics (no marks/stains, unwashed).

The price is reasonable, too.  $15.95 for this pack (some of the other themes are $17.95--fancier stuff like batiks and such).  It's a nice way to give yourself a reasonable fabric treat, especially if you have a discounted/free shipping OR you're already making an order (paying full shipping to get just one booty pack would be crazy, though--full shipping is around $5.95 which would make this booty pack $21.90 which would be too steep in my opinion).

I definitely keep eQuilter on my "good scrap packs" list.  (and they have fast shipping, too).

Friday, April 18, 2014

Hoppy Easter, Fluff Project!

*whispering*   *giggling*

"Hey, guys, do you get the weird feeling someone is watching us?"

"Is it that cat again?"

"EEEE, not that cat!"

*whispers and squeals*

Don't worry, little bunnies.  Eugene won't hurt you.  He's much more interested in the ribbons and feathers and bits of yarn he can find.  Even though he KNOWS he's not supposed to get on the table.

"Where is he now?"


"Keep him away!!!"

*in unison*  "Yeah, we know you gave one of US to him."

Calm down.  That bunny wasn't one of you.  It was the test bunny and it never even got pupils or a tail.  It was just fleece in a bunny shape with white eye patches.  Not even a NOSE and was filled with just some catnip.  We call it 4:20 Bunny.


"That's funny."

Yeah, I thought so too.  So you can just relax, you won't end up in Eugene and Olives' toy box.  You're headed off to the Fluff Project.

"Are we going now?  We need to pack!"

No, not yet.  Just hop into a box and hang out.  I need to make a few more toys before I ship you all out together.  You're only 1/4 of the toys I want to donate this quarter.

"Will you make more bunnies?  We only have two with red scarves.  We need more with red scarves."

I don't think so.  There are already 10 of you.  I think that's enough bunnies.

*in unison*


But I might make some guinea pigs or some dolls.

*in unison*


Or maybe some kitties.




Honestly, I'm not sure what other stuffies I'll make.  For now, I'm just happy to have 10 bunnies all finished.  I'll have to go through my patterns and see what strikes my fancy.  I'd like to try out some patterns I haven't already done.  The skeleton kitty (only without the skeleton bones because that's super time consuming) just might make the cut.  The bunnies will just have to take deep breathes and remain calm.

Here's to being 1/4 of the way to my personal goal of 40 toys by the end of July (the Fluff Project Quarter).

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

For a swap: May Unique Holiday Dotee

Just finished this cutie up last night.

May 4th is Star Wars Day, so an Ewok seemed quite appropriate.

I haven't made one of these in a bit.

This time I used some new fabric I scored at a big ole rummage sale I went to over the weekend.

The fabric is (I think) faux suede.  I think it's faux because the back had white cottony fusing on the back, like you see on plastic table clothes.  But it did smell a little bit like leather once I got pawing it.

It was tricky to work with.  Sewing wasn't so bad.  I don't think I had the best needle in the machine since I could hear punching but I wasn't going far (that's how I think of sewing, like mileage!) so I just talked the machine through it.

Turning it was a bit more of a challenge, complicated by my not leaving the turning hole wide enough so I had to get the seam ripper after it.  The ears were a bit of work but not too bad.

The cowl is felt.  The face is embroidered and marker.  Hanger is just some ribbon.

Tail has a cute little mushroom.  I've had this sucker for over a YEAR just waiting for the best time to use it.

True confession, I bought it at Hobby Lobby before I was aware of what a sucky company they are (google it if you want) so I feel a little bit guilty about that.  But only a little since I got it on clearance.  Heaven help me, Hobby Lobby has some good clearance but I'll never spend one more cent there as long as I live (just like Chic-fil-A).

But enough politics, it's time to get to work on some new projects.  Like those darn bunnies.  I did get them all stitched up last night so I plan to finish them tonight.  Let me just leave with this.  Fleece sucks.

OH, and this ewok is going to ITALY.  I'm so excited about that.

Friday, April 11, 2014

For a swap: Zombie Dotee

A zombie that looks a lot like Mr. Bill.

OH NO!!!

I wanted icky but not super gross or horrific.

Heck, everything I make ends up looking cute.

Even a popped out eyeball.

The hair is an upcycled tassle (like you'd see on furniture or a pillow).  Someone sent it to me as an extra so I trimmed some of the fringe off and tied little tufts (about 5 strands each) and stuck them in between the stitches.  I think it really makes the doll.  Fright hair for the WIN.

I finally got a chance to use one of the super cool skull beads I have, too.  I chose yellow purely because it didn't have a mate.  There were two odd balls on the strand, one yellow and one blinged out with crystals.  I almost chose the crystal one but I love it so much I need to save it a bit longer before I use it.  I really love these skull beads.

Ok, that's all I have for now.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Showing off some swaps: Dotee and Angler Fish

Made and angler fish for an art doll swap.  It's a series based on theme words.  This theme word was "light".

He has a real light bulb (night light size) and a fully poseable antenna (or whatever you call the dealie that the light is on).

Hanging by his antenna.  WEEEE!!

Netting for his fins.

My cats were breaking their necks trying to rip up that netting, too.  Olive even got the small piece I had (just a scrap) down and was tearing it just for the joy of destroying.  Thankfully I had enough to make all the fins and still have a bit left.

I also finished a dotee doll.

It's the first in the Rainbow series.  RED.

I think I'm going to do patchwork for all of the colors.  I do enjoy pawing through my "little bits" scrap bucket to make patchwork.

(these pics are so crappy)

Silly face is silly.

Yes, he does have a flower on his lapel (or where a lapel would be).  He's a dapper gentleman.

He's also (very crudely) shaped like a stop sign.  Since I'm mathematically challenged (really, it's so sad how bad I am at mathy stuffs) all the sides aren't equal in size but there are eight sides.

Back patch work.

The tail has balls.  *snerk*

Well what did you expect?  He's a BOY.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Fabric Fast Update: Truly Broke the Fast (and a purchase review)

Brace yourselves.

This post is going to showcase an Official break in my Fabric Fast.  I know, I know, I already broke the fast buying that Frog and Toad fabric but I did manage to twist my rules and come up with a project for that fabric so that purchase is barely squeezing its way through a loophole.

But not this purchase.  I bought this purely because I'd been wanting it and it was on a good sale.

So, what did I buy?

One of the leftover club packs from Pink Castle Fabrics.  Pink Castle Fabrics has fabric clubs and the one I'd had my eye on (and almost got a subscription to) was the Kawaii Club.  I love kawaii and Japanese fabrics and all that so it was a club just made for me.  But I knew I was going on a fast so I didn't sign up for it.  And I was kind of worried I might not like the selections so it was best to just wait.

I'm glad I did.  Pink Castle sells off leftover packs from previous months.  And they just had a 20% off your whole order sales and they had leftover February packs and JUST GUESS WHAT WAS IN THE PACK?!

Scaredy Cat.

I love that line of fabric so much and wanted some since I first saw it but it was slightly pricier and I just couldn't justify it.

Until I saw it in the February leftovers (that's the best part about buying the leftovers, you get to see what's in them!).

I could have gone for the fat quarter or fat eighth size. I opted for the smaller one to kind of keep with the spirit of the Fabric Fast.  Yes, I was buying but I was buying the smaller size.  Compromise, folks, compromise.

Ok, time for pics.

These three fabrics are the most "boring" of them.  But I still like all of them.  The brown print (left upper corner) has a ton of cute images.  The one below it is even cuter with TONS of images (including some little cats--I do love cat fabric).  All of the fabrics are great quality.  Some are the really cool to the touch cottons (I call the "crispy") and some are the linen blend types ("rough") and the mountain fabric is something I've never felt before.  It's rough-ish like the linen blends but has an unevenness to the finish.  I'm not sure what it's called but I'm wondering if it's "double gauze".  Either way, it's really nice and I'm sure I'll find uses for it.

Ooh, it's getting cuter and cuter up in here.

I have closeups of two of these (hold on, we're getting there).  But the pink one (bottom left corner) was one I thought was going to be boring.  In the Pink Castle Fabrics preview pic, all you could see was roosters.  I thought "boring" but it wasn't a deal breaker.  But when I got the fabric and unfolded it it was dotted with super cute chickies and hens and it was great.

But not the winner for "cutest".

That prize might have to be shared by these two fabrics.

EEEEE, it's a pineapple driving a car!!!!

And look at the popcorn!!!!

Ok, this fabric is what really made me buy the bundle.  I wanted the Scaredy Cat print (and probably would have bought the pack just for it, truth be told) but that galldurn cute pineapple driving that car was visible in the preview pic and I HAD TO HAVE IT!!  That's so freaking kawaii I could poop.


Just look at that fabric.  The pic doesn't even get close to doing it justice.

True confession, I have no idea what those little white blobs are supposed to be (maybe wontons?) but they kind of remind me of Kinder Eggs OR Moomin (Moomin are so dang cute).  Not that it matters because they are so darn cute I nearly died.

The preview pic hardly showed this print at all so I was spazzing when I saw it.  LOOK AT THEM.  Camping and showering and just living their cute little lives.  *swoons*  Yeah, that print is kawaii to the max.

And, and, and, there was still TWO cat print fabrics.


Scaredy Cat, which is cuter in person and that bottom fabric?  In the previews it just looked like a cute food print.  I wasn't really aware that it would have multiple cute kitties on it (and mice and all that).

How dang cute is that kitty, right?

Both those pieces are going right into my cat fabric collection.  Very welcome additions to what will (someday) become the tackiest cat quilt EVAH!

So, I spent right around $20 (including shipping--it was $20 and some coin) and I couldn't be happier with the purchase.  In fact, I'd be willing to pause my fast to get future leftover bundles if they look good.

Now, I have one more Fabric Fast confession to make.  I have a $5 gift certificate to EQuilter and it expires on 4/18.  I got it for doing a survey and I plan to use it.  The gift certificate will almost cover shipping (I'd end up paying around $1.95 for the lowest shipping range--they base shipping on order total ranges).  That means I could get one of their Booty Packs (scrap packs by theme) for only $2 shipping.  I'm seriously considering getting the animal one (in hopes of landing some fun cat fabrics).  But I'm waiting until the expiration date is a bit closer and keeping my eyes on their sales to see if they put something on my wish list on sale.  Either way, I'm going to try and spend no more than $20.

Ok, my confessions are over.