Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Crafty overload!

Guess what arrived yesterday.

My Spoonflower fabrics!!

It took every ounce of my will not to race to my sewing machine and start working on them right away.  I love pre-printed fabric where you just cut out the image and stitch it up.  It's as close to instant craft gratification as you can get.

BUT. . .

I can't start any new embroidery projects until the Earth Day hoop is done.  So that means one yard of the fabric I bought is off limits (it's dolls that have tattoos on them and you can embroider the tattoos which I'm dieing to do).

Since I got a wee mouth on Timothy (aka corduroy cat--going to show him off tomorrow) I'm ready to take on a new sewing project.  So tonight (after a bit of household chores which include my daily exercise routine) I'm diving into that other yard of fabric.  So many cute little edibles on there. . .it'll be worth re-threading my machine (with white thread) so I can get busy.

Tomorrow:  Showing off Timothy (coduroy cat) and it's back to painting class (with first progress photos to follow).

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