Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I told you they would be "coming soon".

A meeting of cute minds right here.

Lets meet the litter.

Moxie and Roxie.  I think of them as "the twins" (even though with a litter of puppies there are hardly "twins").  Moxie is the shy one to Roxie's raucous demeanor.  Both have gray noses and tan ears.

Winston, Clyde and Zelda.

Winston has one dark brown ear and darker brown stitching (and I think he's the one with a black nose).  Clyde and Zelda have gray (sometimes it's even bluish) stitching and brown noses.  Clyde has one gray ear.  Zelda is the odd girl out with one dark brown ear and one gray ear.

What are you three plotting?

A race?

On your marks.  Get set.  GO!

And it's ROXIE by a nose!

Each puppy has an embroidered neckerchief.  They all turned out fairly well but Winston's had a bit of placement issues (that's a long name to fit on a tiny triangle of felt).

All puppies are came from ONE sheet of acrylic felt (hence their slightly nappy appearance--sometimes acrylic felt pills up while you're working with it) and scraps for the scarves.  How's THAT for a deal.  Five puppies for only 33 cents of fabric (and I used a lot of scrap embroidery floss, too, you know those little bits you save because they're just a bit too long to throw away).

They would really look fabulous if I used wool blend felt (but I'm being miserly with what I have right now and it's kind of fun to use up my cheap supplies stash).

The pattern is an altered version of the Wee Wonderfuls wiener dog necklace (from the Wee Wonderfuls book).  That pattern was just for a pillow style dog (couldn't stand on its own) displayed on a necklace.  I added an underbelly to turn it into a tiny plush (and stitched it diferently, using surface stitching versus reverse and turn as the pattern called for).

Which begs the question, how much do you have to change on a pattern before it's different enough to be "original"?  With this particular one I don't think I've changed it quite enough to be "original".  I'm thinking about changing the tail shap around.  If I do that, the tail change and adding of underbelly would be enough (in my book) to make it original.  But it's all a moot point since I don't plan to start a business selling these (though I'm tempted to offer them up for the next Regretsy charity sale--I think someone would donate $20 to charity to get this set).


  1. I loe your style! So cute. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Those are super cute! Have you ever thought of adding squeakers to the middle of some of these for dog toys? I know lots of people are looking for non-mass produced toys for their fur babies and a cat or vet or mailman with a snarky saying would be a big seller! :)