Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Kitty Up" : Progress Report

What it looked like when I started class:

AND. . .

What it looked like AFTER class:

And just for good measure, this is what I'm aiming for:

Ok, so I see I still need to level out Mr. Roboto's head.  It's still too high in the back (the top line along the light gray goes up too much--and the bottom line along the light gray needs to come up a bit on the front corner under the mouth).  Basically the whole head is still at too much of an angle.  The negative space between the shoulder point (dark gray area) and the corner of the head is too narrow in my painting.

The good thing is, Tomothy's head is looking much better.  The angle along the front is now severe enough (in the painting).  And the angle back to the ear is more straight (I had more of a curve going on before but it's straightened out a lot).

Once I get Mr. Roboto's head fixed up, dare I say I might be able to start real work on the painting (though I may want to revisit the Mr. Roboto's foot/leg--it's still not quite right but I can't see it perfectly in these pics to tell exactly what it is that needs fiddling).

I look forward to getting the texture on Timothy.  I have a black and white version of the photo and it shows the corduroy so well.

Overall I'm pleased with the progress of this painting.  And I haven't had the "I hate this painting, I suck" moment (yet).  Maybe doing these progress reports is helping me keep perspective.

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