Monday, April 9, 2012

Painting: "Kitty Up"

I want to document a painting from start to finish (I meant to do it with some of my other paintings but always forgot) so my newest painting will hopefully be fully documented.

I wanted to try something different from my normal painting themes but the prospect of a blank canvas where I just doodle with paint is daunting (and I just can't produce good "abstract" paintings like that--I'm too uptight when I paint).

So my next painting will yet again feature some of my plushie creations.  This time the lucky subjects are two of my newest (and yes, I do feel a little bad that brand new items are getting preferential treatment but I'm sure I'll get over it).  Mr. Roboto and Timothy (the yet to be shown off "corduroy kitty"). 

It was my wife's idea.  I was packing up Mr. Roboto and Timothy (for a trip to my parents' house to show them off in person) and pondering aloud what my next painting would be (since painting starts again this Wednesday) and he says, "Mr. Roboto could be riding Timothy."

It sounded awesome, so I put Mr. Roboto onto Timothy and it looked fabolous.

My wife is officially a creative genius.  (and it's going to his head a little)

Seeing Mr. Roboto on Timothy, the title was obvious:

"Kitty Up"

I do love a pun-y type play on words silly thing like that, so now I HAVE to do this painting.

But I still want to do robot portraits, too.  Mostly so I can use oval shaped canvases.  So Mr. Roboto will have the honor of being in TWO paintings (eventually).  And his (yet to be constructed) companion (currently referred to as "cylindrical robot") will be the companion piece for the pair of portraits.

It's odd to have painting ideas all lined up and waiting to be done.  I know "Kitty Up" will probably take the whole semester (I'm a slow and tedious painter) so that gives me enough time to secure the oval canvases (looks like I'll have to buy them online) and get "cylindrical robot" constructed.  But I'm hoping the actual portrait painting will be relatively quick (yeah, right--I'll be nit picking and cursing over all three of these new canvases--don't expect to see finished products for at least a year).

So, all tha rambling aside, this here post is officially the first one in the progress report for "Kitty Up".  I want to take two pictures each class session (one at the start, one at the end) and post them every Thursday.  Ambitious?  Yeah, but that's going to keep my creative juices flowing.

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