Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Timothy (aka corduroy kitty)

Mett Timothy (previously known as simply "corduroy kitty").

No, you're not seeing things.  Timothy has two different eyes.  I was going to make him an eyepatch but once I got both his eyes on I just couldn't cover one up with a patch.  So I'm going to make a second cat with an eyepatch (and only one eye).

Full body shot.


Timothy is the result of my first go with that pattern and I'm pleased with the results.  I've also only worked with corduroy one other time and this was a much better experience (but my sewing skills are better now so that could be a big part of it).

I will say, this pattern is not really for a raw beginner.  The sewing of the body is fairly basic (I used the machine with good results) but the head is a little more challenging.  Not "hard" but you do have to pay closer attention.  I had stitched the head only because I don't trust my machine skills, at least when it's working with pieces that are rounded like the head is (getting it all lined up to go through the machine is tricky--a skill I'm working on). 

The "hard" part of this pattern is the turning and sewing.  The head turns and stuffs easily but the body is a challenge.  The tail in particular.  It's worth the effort (and being patient since you have to go slowly) but it will take time.  This also took a LOT more stuffing than I anticipated.  Now I always have a ton of polyfill around so I wasn't in danger of running out but it was amazing how much I kept cramming into Timothy.  You want the extremities to be really stuffed TIGHT (especially the legs so the finished product will stand on its own).  Pay special attention to the front legs, at the shoulder area.  I stuffed Timothy very tight but now that he's been standing on his own for a while I'm seeing I could have probably used even more stuffing in his front legs (where they meet the body). 

I'm going to use this same pattern for my eyepatch cat, so I expect even better result with round two.  I'll definitely stuff the head a little firmer (at least in the ears--I like Timothy's head but the ears could be more defined) and really pack the stuffing in at the shoulder/front leg arm pit area (to prevent slow bowing as the cat stands on its own).

I'm not sure what fabric I'll use next time.  I think I have enough black corduroy that I could make a second but I might want to change it up a bit.  I'm tempted to try it with fleece but I have a feeling the stretch on fleece wouldn't work so well.  I'll have to go through my fabric and see what strikes my fancy.

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