Friday, April 20, 2012

Spoonflower Pre-printed stuffies!

I finally dipped into my Spoonflower fabrics and started assembling the super cute stuffies!

All those are from just ONE fat quarter of one of the fabrics.  That's 11 stuffies so far!  I still have three more fat quarters to go.  There are some bigger items on those, too, including a coffee pot, cutting board, and assorted little cakes and cuties.  I want to shout from the roof tops what how great a deal I scored!

The yard of fabric was $20 (including shipping--$18 +$2) and with just minimal work (cut them out, sew them together using the machine) and the bare minimum of extra notions needed (thread, polyfill) you could have a big ole collection of little toys for yourself (or for a kid--but why waste them on a child!).

The other yard of fabric I bought at the same time (same price) contains two dolls.  Each doll is a nice huggable size, too.  I'll start working on them later (since the tattoos need embroidered to be at their most awesome).

That's how happy this purchase has made me!

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