Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April Stitch Along : DONE!

Oh yeah.  Had the day off yesterday (hooray for having so much vacation time hoarded I have to take off not one but two days this month, lest I stop accruing) so I whipped out the Feeling Stitchy April Stich Along.

Rawr!  This cupcake is kind of how I get when I really want a cupcake.

But my favorite part is the cherry on top.

Smug little bugger.

The original design has a rather sad cherry, like s/he's a hostage on this crazed cupcake.  But my cherry is more a mastermind.  S/he's really enjoying riding high on crazy cupcake.

I didn't finish it in a hoop mostly because I only have on finishing hoop in that size and I'm not sure I really want it finished.  I like it but do I really want to DISPLAY it?  Not really.  (and that's not because I don't think it's "good enough" it's more that I'm not in love with the whole pattern--it's cute but not something I want to look at all the time).

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