Monday, April 30, 2012

Felt Kitties!

After I finished re-decorating the Altoid tin, I had to get back to my original weekend plans.


I was even more motivated because I was "crafting for a cause" (if you will).  My boss's cat died (after lingering for a few days--old age took him) and her sons were very upset over it.  I asked her if they might like it if I whipped them each up a little kitty (since I was planning to make kitties anyway).

And here they are.

This pic doesn't do the orange color justice.  It's much brighter than it appeas here (but not neon--just very orangey).  And the gray is a very light gray.

This tabby is the same pattern as the kitty I made for inside the re-done Altoid tin.  Except the tail isn't elongated (it's the same size as the pattern--I gave the altoid tin kitty a longer tail on purpose).  I wanted to try my hand at stripes and was pleased with the result.  I also wanted to try my hand at socks/ tail tips.  The tail came out nice.  The sock is a little rough.  No to the point of being "bad" but I think I could definitley improve it.

I liked the stripes so much I wanted another go at them, maybe make them even thicker and more dramatic.

Which lead to kitty number two.

You can see the orange a bit better in this pic (hey, I use my cell phone for these and the "best" lighting which is in my kitchen--yeah, I could set up a "real" photo shoot upstairs with bright ass lights but I'm just so lazy I can't be bothered--if I was trying to selll these I'd go all out with the pics but I'm not so. . .).

The eyes are brown and the stripes are black.  And they are much thicker.  I really like the tail and ear tip stitches.

Both kitties turned out VERY well and I'm very pleased with them.  Especially given I'm an embroidery novice (which is pretty obvious) and this was a new pattern.

I'd like to work with the pattern a bit more and see if some of the versions could me re-worked so they could stand on their own (neither of these can).  I think the orange kitty pattern could definitely be re-worked to stand alone (jut need a little oval on the bottom).  The gray kitty might not since the legs are more defined (and the circles they'd need for feet would be a royal pain in the butt to work with).

I want to work up a lion and a siamese cat from this pattern (find it HERE).

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