Thursday, September 22, 2016

2016 Fluff Project: 20 items done (and mailed!)

Long time, no post.  I've been sewing away on Fluff items and FINALLY got around to sending some out.

20 items officially mailed:

5 chameleons
5 ponies
5 dachsunds
5 ewoks

My goal for 2016 is 60 items (that's 5 per month).  So, that means I have to make a minimum of 40 more items in the next 3 months.  CHOP CHOP!

Not to worry, I do have a lot of items in progress.  In fact, my "get stuffed!" basket is pretty full with:

Cats.  11 to be exact

 Puppies (at least 10 of them, there might be a few more, I forget the exact count now)

Pigs!  I'll have a separate post on this pattern and a mini side project/challenge.  Short version is I got a mystery pack from Pink Castle Fabrics when they had a special "personalized mystery pack" deal.  In the pack I got a stuffed toy pattern and a mess of fabric, so I'm trying to see how many items from that pattern (and others) I can make with just the fabric from the pack.  These two pigs are the first "finished" (in quotes because they aren't stuffed, closed, tails attached yet).  I also cut one random chameleon from the green fabric pictured.  I'm hoping to get 3-5 more items from the pattern (it's one pattern that modifies to five different animals) and then use the scraps to make other patterns (if possible).

But that's not all I have in the works!

Deer!  This is the first one that's at the final stage ("get stuffed!").  I have four others that are ready for final assembly and 6 (or so) that are all cut and ready for the next steps (limb/face assembly, then final assembly, then stuff and close).

AND. . .I'm going to make some more of THESE:

Shpiders!  (aka shpidoos).  I got to do pattern testing for Sweet Briar Sisters.  This pattern is quick and easy with great results (I might do a full post on it later) so I'm aiming to make 4-9 more of these as well.

OH, and I have some spare zipper pouches (that I'll round out to 5 total)

SO. . .let's crunch the numbers again:

20 items sent
5 cats
5 puppies
5 pigs (or from that pattern)
5 deer
5 spider
5 pouches

Total:  50 items

So that leaves me needing 10 more items.

I'm not sure what I'll do for those.

But, for anyone reading or doing the math, I'm making 10 of most items.  Where are those extras going?  They're ear marked for Spoonflower's Softies for Mirabel collection.  I emailed them asking if they're doing a collection this year and they said they are and will have more info mid-October.  So I'm trying to stock as many items as possible to send to them.  If for some reason there is no collection, Fluff Project can have all those, too.

So I'm in sewing high gear and I'm really liking it.  Tonight I'll try and get the "final assembly" deer put together to add them to the "get stuffed!' bin.  Then I'll spend some quality time in front of the t.v. working on stuffing.  Some new Netflix arrived so it will be perfect (ok, first I have to finish watching a subtitled movie I started last night, so I won't stuff during it. . .it's too hard to read and stuff at the same time).