Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fluff Project and Softies for Mirabel UPDATE

I've been cranking out the stuffies lately.  See, that's what happens when I get behind on my monthly goal for Fluff and I'm anxiously awaiting the "send by" date for the Softies for Mirabel collection via Spoonflower.

So, I sew.

This is the batch I finished a few weeks back (I showed them off as "in progress" in the previous post).  There are 12 puppies, 11 cats, 2 pigs, and 1 deer.

So that means the puppies and cats are totally DONE for both Fluff and Mirabel.

The deer was just a test run on the pattern.  I usually do that, make one all the way through to get a feel for it then start assembly line production of them (ok, I tend to cut everything then make one all the way through then go back and assembly line).

The pigs are from the pattern I got in the mystery bundle.  All the fabric (except the felt bits) were in that bundle, too.  I'll do a "what the bundle made" post to show all the items I made from that purchase once I'm done with all the items.  I have three more animals of this style (bunnies, not pigs) from that same pattern that are cut but I haven't go to sewing on them just yet.

After that massive finish, I got another mess of items done (just in the past few days).  They include:

Four more deer.
(there are 5-7 more of these in progress, I forget now if I cut 10 total or 12, I think it was 12)

Eight mama animals with babies.
These were from a pair of cut and sew panels I bought as a treat.  Sometimes it's just nice to have a simple and fast project like a cut and sew panel.  These ones were a decent deal, too.  Missouri Quilt Co had free shipping (no minimum) so I decided I needed these.  You get four sets per panel, so that means each set came out to be only a few dollars each.  Totally doable.  (you know I'll be watching to snag more of these if they go on sale anywhere. . .this is a really new fabric line, so it might be a while before they go on sale).

Ten ghosts.
That's all I could get out of that remnant of fabric.  It was a little annoying to work with (kind of slippery and stretchy) but they turned out SO cute and just a tiny bit fluffy, silky.  Totally worth the tiny bit of annoyance.  (and shout out to Joann fabric's remnant bin. . .I love it so much!)

Four spiders.
Actually, I finished six but two of them weren't for Fluff/Mirabel so I didn't include them in this post.  I have five more of these to finish (in fact, I just sewed up a pair of them yesterday and they're in the "get stuffed" basket with four crabs and a chameleon).

Let's end this with one final pic.  This is NOT an up to date Mirabel snap.  I didn't include any of the ghosts, spiders, deer, or the mama/baby sets.

That there is:

6 cats
5 weiner dogs
5 chameleons
5 ponies
2 ewoks
6 puppies (I think only 5 are pictured but there are a dozen of those so there should be six for each project)

Add to that:
5 ghosts
4 mama/baby sets
5 spiders (in progress)
6 deer (in progress)

GRAND TOTAL (so far)

That's JUST the Mirabel count.  And I have fabrics pulled to make seahorses (hopefully 10 total) and I want to make pickles again (but have to find the dimpled minky at a good price)

What about Fluff?

Well, they got:

5 chameleon
5 ponies
5 weiner dogs
5 ewoks
5 cats
6 puppies
5 ghosts
4 mama/baby sets
(and in progress)
5 spider
6 deer
5 mystery bundle pattern (2 pigs, 3 bunnies)

That's 56 items!  (oh and two pouches)

Holy crap, I'm almost to my yearly goal for Fluff!  I only need to make one more item (after finishing the in progress ones) and I'm GOOD!

BUT. . .2015 I made 68 items for Fluff, so I'd like to at least match that goal.

BUT. . .BUT. . .2015 I only had 35 Mirabel items and I've crushed that already so. . .I think I'm still good.

But I would like to beat 2015's Fluff total if I could.  So, new goal.  70 items for Fluff (for 2016) and 60 items for Mirabel (for 2016).

SO. . .I need (after I finish all in progress items):

11 more for Mirabel
12 more for Fluff

TOTALLY doable.