Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Love your mother!

Early for Earth Day (4/22) but just in time to celebrate "Earth Week" (well, that's what I heard NBC call it--yeah, it's jut a way to market "green" stuff--don't get me started.

My version of the Wild Olive free Earth Day design.

It's far from perfect.  You can see the stitching is a little warbly down at the bottom.  And it's not exactly perfectly centered in the hoop.  And if you look at it in person, you can see I didn't pay close attention on the eyes and the stitching goes in to different directions (one eye is vertical stitches, one horizontal).  But as a whole, I like it.

The fabric is corduroy which was a bit of a mini obsession of mine lately.  I blended threads (2 green, 2 brown) for the satin stitches (which I didn't do properly--you're supposed to go all the way around with the stitches, so they wrap on both sides of the fabric but I didn't wrap on the back--next time I will, it will help keep twisting to a minimim).

Just one last close up.  You can see the eye thing I mentioned.

All in all it was a fun project and I like the results.  I even took the finished hoop to work to display the rest of this week (since Earth Day is on a weekend).

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