Friday, April 27, 2012

Don't you DARE make pirate noises!

Because Priscilla is NOT amused.

Yeah, she may have a wee litte smile all Mona Lisa style but really, she's just not into the whole pirate thing (zombies don't do anything for her either, in case you were wondering).

It might have something to do with her scar.  It's like the minute something cute has a little flaw then it's all trendy and "zombie kitty".

Priscilla says:  "NO."

She's just a gal with one good eye.

And a FABULOUS eyepatch.

Hey, when you're rocking a cool circle pattern on your entire body you just can't wear some bland eyepatch.  And when you have so much going on, what with your pattern and your pink eyepatch (with rick rack band) you just don't NEED whiskers.

(really, I wanted to give her some but her face is just so busy and cute that whiskers would be overkill).

See!  Her pattern just makes her so fabulous she has transcended something so mundane as whiskers.

But if I make another kitty (which is a possibility) I'll go for a more plain pattern on the face (maybe use a solid for the front face panel or for the whole head) and try to include some whiskers.

Priscialla has the honor of being the first thing I've made using the fabrics I purchased from The Fat Quarter Shop.  Of course I scowered the sale offerings and got two fat quarter sets where no one fat quarter (that's 1/4 yard of fabric just cut different dimensions then just whacking 1/4 straight from the bolt) was more than $2.  I do love a deal.

Her eyepatch is also from the new fabric (part of the same collection her body fabric came from).  The eyepatch fabric was a repeating cat pattern and when I got to looking at it the cat heads were the perfect size for the eyepatch.  I cut one out (got lucky and the one I wanted was right along the selvage edge, so I didn't have to waste any extra getting the image I wanted) and top stitched it to a piece of wool blend felt then attached the rick rack.  (the next time I might try to sandwich the rick rack between the layers--don't know how that might work out or if I'd ever make another eyepatch cat so. . .)

This is my second go 'round with this pattern and this time I sewed it all with the machine.  I was concerned sewing the head would be tricky but it was pretty painless.  Is the stitching perfect?  Of course not.  You can see Priscilla's head is a little wonky.  You can see she has a bit of a wee pointy chin, but I kind of like it.  And the back of her head is where I hid the fact that her ear seams don't line up as neatly as they could (but that's why you have a front and back, so you can put your best face forward!).

Overall I'm SUPER happy with Priscilla.  She turned out just like I wanted (where the eyepatch really fits the head and she has an overall good look to her).

But maybe she needs her own robot rider?  I do want to make a cylindrical robot so. . .

(but first I need to work on re-making an altoid tin that has me all a-twitter--but more on that later)

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