Monday, April 9, 2012

April Crafty To Do List

April Crafty To Do List:

--Earth Day embroidery (Due 4/20):  In progress--about half done and looking good if I do say so myself

--Corduroy cat:  The kitty is done (I'm just debating putting a wee mouth on him--I was going to make him an eyepatch, too, but now I think I want a separate eyepatch cat so. . .)

--Eyepatch cat

--Cylindrical robot :  sketched up, pattern needs roughed out (should be a relatively easy project)

--April Stitch-along (from the Feeling Stitchy blog):  pattern printed (it's next on the list once Earth Day project is done)

--Spoonflower pre-printed plushies:  I won't be able to resist them once they finally arrive (the order has shipped so. . .)

Those are the core items I'd like to get done (along with starting a new painting).  If I get all that done, then I can also think about:

--Evelyn Inchworm
--Tiny Dachsund
--Mermaid doll
--Marie Antoinette embroidery doll

I love having a list I can check off!

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