Tuesday, July 21, 2015

For Swaps: Patches, patches, patches

It's a patch post, y'all.

Two different swaps, four patches total.

First up is a singleton (for the standing monthly swap)

Hee hee, it's a bee on a bicycle pedaling through the stars.

How's THAT for random, huh?

Yeah, don't ask.  I was just shuffling through my little drawers of supplies and I spied a few leftover bikes (from the Fat Bottom Girls patch I made many moons ago--hee hee, I said moon about a patch referencing butts. . .butts!)

That bee is getting his bike ON!

That's the back.  All boring n'at.

Next up are the first in a series of patch swaps.  It's Disney theme by the alphabet.  This first round was A, B, and C.

The whole set.

Now we'll go in reverse for the close ups.

C is for Cruella Deville.

I just had to use this super plush white faux fur for the backing.  HAD TO.  Mostly because it's fabulous but more because I didn't have any white with black spot fabric (I only had black with white spots, which is not how dalmatian spots work).  In case it's not obvious, that's a cigarette holder with smoke curling out to make the initials.

B = Banzai

The photo doesn't do the crayon tinting justice on this one, though the coloring is very monochrome with him (all differing shades of gray).  I deliberately went easy on the embroidery on this one because I did crayon tinted embroidery for two of the three in this set (and did a lot of embroidery on the other one).  (I'm in love with crayon tinting right now--love it!)

A = Am (of Si and Am, the racially insensitive Siamese cats from Lady and the Tramp).

I love Si and Am.  Their song is so great and they're just so devious (even if they are characterized in a very racially insensitive way)

To be honest, I'm not sure which is which, so I just picked one from the photo I googled.

Close up because I really, really like how this one turned out.  The picture doesn't show it very well, but the cream color of the body is actually on there (it's not just the muslin untouched).

I managed to do all villains for this round, which just happened.  So for the next round I'm trying to avoid any villains.

I can see I'm going to be doing more color tinting for patches for this series.  It's so easy and it turns out so nice.  I plan to do it for at least one of the patches in the next set (D, E, and F).  I have my choices all made for each letter and don't plan to change any of them.  I even have the designs picked.  One of them will be more abstract (like my Cruella patch) and the other two will probably be character images (with at least one of those being crayon tinted).

Friday, July 10, 2015

For a Swap: Creepy Doll

Finished up my creepy doll swap the other day.  It's all packed up and ready to ship, so now it's time to show it off.

Here she is, a creepy cat like creature and her three equally creepy children.

Yeah, that mouth is creepy.  I got that mouth fabric (and the packet of plastic dog noses) at the sally army fabric sale.  The front fabric is a batik and the back is a felted wool sweater.

Watch out for her stinger.

The tail is just a roll of faux fabric with a jaggy, tooth-like bead at the top.  I got those beads to make a lantern fish (using socks, from the sock toy book I've shown off before) but never got around to it.  So I used a few for this project.

Creepy children.

The girl is already sporting a nice stinger of her own.

The boy doesn't have a stinger (or maybe he had one and it got bit off in a fight?  he is sporting a kind of eye patch so we're not sure what the story is there)

And the baby.  No tail or stinger just yet.  But s/he does have a little lure/toy.  Does s/he lure prey in so the family can sting it?  Hmm, maybe.

All the babies are made from cotton fabrics.  I received the creepy baby faces as an extra from some swap eons ago and wondered just what the hell I was ever going to do with them (besides cringe and ponder tossing them in the goodwill bag).  HAH, I found the perfect use for them.

The baby faces are hot glued on, which turned out really well.  I was worried it wouldn't work out.

Bye, creepy family.  Have fun doing whatever creepy things you do.

What's up next?  Disney themed patches.  It's a series where we work through the alphabet.  I have A,B, and C in progress (C is almost done) and have ideas all picked for D, E, and F.  I also have to work on some Fluff stuff and I want to get a quilt made this month.  Oh and that tutorial for the bacon and eggs plushies.  Got to get busy!