Wednesday, November 27, 2013

For a swap: Poochie bag

No, not like the awful Poochie character from The Simpsons.

Poochie like a cutesy word for boxed corners on a cute little gift bag.

See, cute little bag with a pocket on each side and boxed corners to make it "pooch" out.

(for the record, I don't much care for the word "pooch" since it was co-opted to mean the bulge of fat on a woman's abdomen--"pooch" is ok if you're using it to refer to a dog)

This bag isn't that exciting but I really wanted to document it here just as a CYA move.

You see, this is for a swap but there have already been issues with this swap.

First (and biggest) is it was listed as a USA only swap but. . .I got a partner in the UK.


Ok, I bucked up and didn't make a stink because it is what it is.

But then I was looking at my UK partner and they have some low ratings which should have set off a warning flag in the swap hosts brain but since the swap host clearly was too LAZY (yes, I said it) to check the members of the swap before assigning partners, she didn't notice the crap ratings just like she totally missed that the person was NOT IN THE U.S.

Yeah, the more I'm thinking about it the more it irks me.  Irks me because I shouldn't have been so nice about it.  But this was the first time I've had this happen so I was naive.

Grrr (at me).

And now the spiteful side of me kind of hopes this UK person flakes on the swap so the host gets burned and has to angel to someone.  That would be like karmic balance.  I got burned (but was good about it) so the burn has to go somewhere else and it should land square on the hostess.

But wishing a burn on someone is bad karma so. . .eh, I already admitted I thought it so that ship has sailed.

SO. . .I'm documenting this boring bag just to prove I made it and it was correct for the swap.  I also included (but did not photograph):

2 zippers (9 inch long--one white, one cranberry colored)
1 fat quarter of green batik-ish fabric
1 needle book (cardboard with felt inside and some needles and a threader)
1 packet of sequin trim (9 feet of purple sequin trim to be exact)

The requirements for the swap were to make a poochie bag and include (in a baggie) at least three (new) sewing items.  All my items are new (though the zippers aren't in retail packaging since I got them in bulk so they never had packaging).

Honestly, I hope this swap just goes smooth but at least I have documentation should it go pear shaped on me.

I will be mailing it out today as soon as the post office opens (and I'm glad to have it done).

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