Monday, November 11, 2013

Review: eQuilter Scrap Pack

Ok, let me preface by saying I don't get any kind of compensation for any reviews I do.  If I did, I'd say so.  I do scrap pack reviews because I like doing them.

Now then, time for a new review.

Lord knows I don't need any more fabric but when eQuilter had their latest free shipping deal I was weak and had to treat myself (because I'm a spoiled brat).  So I grabbed up one of their three pound scrap packs.  The price was decent at $35.95 for three pounds (approximately 10 yards).  Unlike my last review, I didn't measure every piece in this one.  But I feel confident I wasn't ripped off at all.

I've bought from eQuilter before (a few times) so I was confident the fabric would all be top quality.  I've even bought one of their food themed Booty Packs before (they do scrap packs by theme as well as the mystery 3 pound packs, the themed packs have smaller cuts but are really nice).

The cuts in the 3 lb pack were all very large.  All were width of fabric and the smallest was around 6 inches or so (again, I didn't measure) and the largest was just under a yard.  There were also a few panels.

Of course, I have pics!

Seven different prints in this pic (the one on the very right is a print, it just blends in to the background a bit--it's a large print in stone colors).  I really like all of these.  The bottom piece is books and the really white piece has bikes and a street scene.

Eight prints in this pic.  Again, I like them all.  The music themed one is a bit sparkly (which I always like) and the black/silver has the thick decal like printing on it (I'm sure there's a term for that, but I'm too lazy to figure it out right now).  The pink ballerinas are so cute they give me pains (and just beg to be fussy cut for little doll sized pillows).

One print there and two panels.  I LOVE the print.  A big ole piece of Moda is always welcome in my stash (and I have a weak place in my heart for olive shades of green).  The beach theme fabric is a set of 5 (or maybe 6?) panels.  It appears they're all fully intact, which is really nice.  Then there was a whole sheet of Flats fabric.  Flats are this line of fabric paper dolls.  This panel is all clothes, no dolls.  It also includes the instructions for making the clothes (you have to sew on some velcro and such).  I'm going to bet someone crafty could use the clothes to make their own felt doll if they didn't want to buy the doll panel.

In fact, I'm going to give someone crafty a chance to find out how creative they are when I give that Flats panel away in this month's giveaway (it's better to pass it along then to let it languish in my stash).

Overall I'm very pleased with this purchase.  I got the fun of getting mystery fabrics that were all high first run quality.  I haven't seen any marks or stains on any pieces and only one appeared "damaged" (it has a little hunk cut out of it along the selvage that just barely dips into the fabric--I'm sure that's how it ended up in the scrap and why it's a large piece).  All the fabrics are quilting weight cotton and all are nice sizes.

I would have no problem buying one of these again or recommending it to someone who likes scrap packs.  BUT, I'd say wait and get a free shipping deal (my deal was spend $40 and get free shipping, and I find that to be a fair deal--I easily found one stand alone fabric to make up the difference to get to the free shipping minimum).

eQuilter also has a great clearance section and they have all kinds of sales different times.  I've never had any issues with any of my purchases from them and have bought from them (I think) about four times now.

Now, I have two other posts to make so hold on to your butts, I'm spamming the blog today.

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