Wednesday, November 13, 2013

For a swap: Christmas Tree Dotee

I was very productive yesterday (took a mental health day off work).  So I'm spamming the blog today to show it all off.

First up, the dotee doll I finished for a swap.

I'm on a tree roll lately.  First the autumn tree and now this Christmas tree.

How festive is this little tree?

Close up of the front.  It's all wool blend felt with some charms sewn on.  I've had these for a while.  I scored them on sale back in the summer knowing that Christmas themed dotees would be right around the corner.  The candy canes are embroidered using baker's twine.  I tried to make some using stiffy but they were pretty fragile even after totally drying and this looks good so I'm going with it.

The tail is just beads with a bell at the end and the hanger is three strands of ribbon (red, white, and green, each trimmed in gold glitter).

The back has more lights and some little jingle bells.

All in all it turned out very well.  I'm a little irked that the stump is not quite centered but I didn't notice it until I had stitched just far enough that I didn't want to pull out all the stitches and fix it.  Yeah, I'm lazy like that.

This little tree is all packed up and ready to head off to the Netherlands.

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