Thursday, December 5, 2013

Progress Report: Little Portraits

Before and after (top and bottom).

Look who finally has a mouth!  I also cleaned up the background to get the line more straight.  I'm officially calling the background DONE.

I also worked at "fuzzing" the whole thing.  I need to add in some little fibers here and there to give the whole thing more texture.  You can see it a tiny bit around the edges of his head and you can see how much lighter the mask is.  I need to do a few more layers (some dark, some light) and then give some shadow/light to the mouth (it was wet so I need it to dry a bit before I play with it more.

I'm feeling confident I'll get this painting DONE next (and final) class.  At long freaking last.

But that means. . .oh no!. . .I have to come up with a new painting idea.  Right now I'm kind of toying with just doing the weekly still life offerings the instructor puts up at the front of the class.  It will help me work on my drawing skills and will force me to work a LOT faster if I want to get any type of finished product.  I could also play with making more abstract works.

I was all inspired by that idea, so I took this pic.  I just enjoy painting clutter and this one shows all the paint stuff and the photo I'm working from along with the photo my hubby is working from (he's doing a self-portrait. . .you'll be hard pressed to find me doing that, that's for sure).

Ok, enough painting talk.

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