Tuesday, November 26, 2013

For a swap: Patch Christmas Ornaments

This swap was super fun.

Make TM style patches as christmas ornaments.  So you needed to keep the backs of the patches neat and clean, which is my style anyway.  And I got to trot out my christmas fabrics and jingle bells.


Two partners, two patches each.

The full set hanging on my cubicle wall at work.  There's just no natural light left once I get home from work and the lighting in my house is just ick.  So harsh overhead fluorescents it is.

As you can see, I made two that are basically the same (different ribbon).

A santa for each of my partners.  Hey, this fabric is so cute it's just begging to be made into ornaments and gift tags and the like (that's why I bought it!)

The backs are both this fabric.  Sparkly christmas trees.

Here's some more fabric I just love.  So I didn't have to do much.  I added some seed beads to the wreath and garland and did a bit of embroidery with floss and plain thread (and there's even a french knot in there!) then added jingle bells to the stitching when attaching the backing.

The backing fabric.  LOVE this fabric, too.  I guess I just really dig retro christmas stuff (and christmas fabric in general--heck, I love all seasonal fabrics).

Why yes, that's an anteater in a scarf.  Thank you for noticing.

This one's a little different.  I had to do a little applique for it.  The animals and gifts are all from some christmas fabric.  But that fabric has the animals in all different directions, so I needed to trim them out to get them directional.  Just cut them out and fuse them onto the base fabric (which is a fern print).  The tree is felt, glued on and then stitched on as I added the seed bead ornaments.  The star is a sequin with a seed bead.  Then a few christmas light charms on the one corner.  True confession, I wanted to space them out along the top but I botched that by clustering too many in the starting corner.  So I decided the animals only hung lights in one corner of their little world.

Backing fabric.  It's super busy and I think it goes well with the oddball animal christmas celebration on the front.


  1. cute! nice job :) these look like they were a lot of fun to make!

    1. They were. I love digging around in my christmas fabric.