Monday, November 25, 2013

For a swap: Patches!

Finished up some patches for a swap.  Trying to get a few things finished up and out in the mail on Wednesday (before the holiday).

These were for the Teesha Moore Rainbow series of swaps.  This is a green set.

Full set.  I only had to make three but I ended up making four (since one of them isn't very "green").

Biggest of the bunch.  Octopus with a mustache.  Did a bit of embroidery on the corners to hold the fabric down and added some beads for the eyes.  I still love these mustache buttons.

Two smaller ones.  Yes, that's a monkey in a fez.  My swap partner's profile mentioned they collect monkey in fezes so. . .why not.  The gnome patch was the one I made to complete the required three green ones.  I made it after the others were done and it's really little.  I was happy to get to use some of the silver and green fabric (I wanted to use it in this set but didn't get to it until I made this little patch).

The backs.  More gnomes on the back of the fez monkey.  That fabric is cute, what can I say.

This patch is why I felt I needed to make one more truly green patch.  Originally I was going to back it with this fuzzy green fabric I had (that I used on the witch dotee a while back) but then I realized I had some sock monkey scraps and I couldn't resist using that fabric instead.  As I was cutting the backing, I snipped off a little bit and it curled up on itself and that's how the tail came about.  Again, I just couldn't resist.  I only did a bit of embroidery on the fabric (enhanced the red on some of the mouths and butts and a french knot on the one hat--I swear I can't make a set of patches without at least one french knot).  I've been dieing to use some of these cute beads I bought, so this was a good as a reason as any.  Sock monkeys taking a coffee and donut break.  Cute and yummy!

Next up are the christmas ornament patches.  I'm about done with them and they're turning out quite well.  Then I just need to make a poochie bag and I'll have everything I want to mail out done.  Busy busy busy.

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