Monday, November 4, 2013

For a swap: TM Patches YELLOW

I got a lot of projects wrapped up this weekend so I could mail them out this morning.

Among them was:

TM style patches for the rainbow series.  These are the yellow ones.

Close ups?  Ok.

"Flashy" chick.  I just love peeps/chicks and this was just a weird thing I did.  French knot for the eye and embroidered lines around it.  Once I got the embroidery on it all the sudden I thought "flashy" so I added that, too.  It was only after that I realized it was a "flashy chick" patch.  I thinks it's silly and fun.  I'd like something odd ball like this so I'm hoping my swap partner feels the same way.

Banana and patch on patch.  I needed to use that banana even if it was totally random like this.  Then I made a patch on a patch.  I'm trying to be more fancy and creative with my patches.  I tend to be very restrained so I need to stretch my creative legs a bit.  French knots on the flowers but not a lot more to talk about except the patch on a patch.

This was the one I did last and it's definitely more "flashy".  The patch itself is very basic, just some added beads and some embroidery.  Then I added beads on every stitch around the edge.  I like how almost obnoxious it turned out.  Ice cream should have bling.  Ice cream is fabulous.

The backs.  The celery is the back for the ice cream.  I like to put veggie with treats, kind of like a balanced diet thing.  Same with the candies.  They're opposite the banana.

I'm very pleased with this set of patches.  I'm really liking this series, too.  It's fun to dig through my stash looking for the designated color.  Blue and green are up next.  I tend to lean toward cool colors, so I should have tons to work with.

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