Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I Made a Quilt!!!

Holy crap, just like that I made a quilt.

Not a full sized one.  It's probably what would be considered a doll quilt.  I made it for an art quilt swap and the only real requirement (aside from it being cat themed) was a size min and max.  I think the min was 6 x 6 and the max was 15 x 15.  Mine came in right around the max (didn't get an exact measurement on it, just held it next to my 12.5 square ruler and it was at least an inch larger).

I'm not 100% done with it just yet.  I think I'm going to add a few cat buttons and/or some small felt cats (on pin backs).  But I was so happy to get the actual quilt part done I had to show it off now.

I put my fabric stash and my new walking foot to good use.

I deliberately stash cat fabrics because I like them and I want to make myself a full sized cat themed quilt.  In fact, seeing how cute this one is, I might just do the same for my scrappy kitty quilt (only larger).

I used 4 inch patches and just did a generic light/dark checkerboard arrangement.  It worked out well because I had four of each light and dark.  I had a few other fabrics but they didn't quite meet the requirements.  One was christmas themed and a few were too busy (wouldn't make for nice small patches) and some were pink/blue based.  I do have this super funky fabulous cat panel set and I was *this* close to using one of the panels but I was in love with the idea of making a "real" quilt so I'm saving the panels for my own use.  I think I'm going to take each panel and make a little art quilt with each of them.

Ok, technically the fabric there in the upper right corner is a super light yellow.  Probably the lightest yellow I've ever seen.  But the pattern was perfect for small fussy cutting.  And SO CUTE.  It's so much more cute than I originally thought (and I thought it was super cute or I wouldn't have bought it).

The black cats in the upper left has been featured here before.  I used it to make a pouch and a dotee doll before.  I love that fabric and bought a yard of it back in the day and don't regret it.

The bottom left fabric is so adorable it gives me pains.  The cats are all little doodles based on the fabric designer/artist's fingerprints.  There are so many cute images, like a cat licking its belly and one cat rolled over on its back and you can see it's wee little nips.  So effing cute (and makes me jealous that I can't make super cute doodles like that).

The bottom right fabric was a whim purchase and it turned out to be a really nice quality fabric.  I just liked the stylized look of the cats.  They remind me of the porcelain statues you find in vintage stores (right next to the ceramic poodles!).

Top left fabric (fat black cats) has been featured before too.  I used it on a patch and the more I use it the more I like it.  The only negative thing about it is it's so dark.  The purple is really deep.

Top right and bottom left were from the same cat fabric buying splurge I had months ago (yes, my whole order from was totally cat fabrics).  I like the Japanese feel of the top right one and the bottom left one reminds me a bit of the Happy Drawing books/fabric line.  Same kind of style to them.

The bottom right fabric is also a halloween print.  It's all the same black cat doing crazy and sometimes sinister things (like harassing a rat or tossing a bird in the air or just scowling).  I don't think it's from the Ghastlies line but it sure reminds me of it.

I'm so happy with how the backing/binding fabric looks, too.  I had pulled two different fish bone print fabrics (one white with black bones, one black with gold bones) but the first fabric I thought of was this yarn print.  The bone prints were just too light/dark against the patchwork.  The yarn was a nice neutral but still super cute (and busy, I like busy).

I just quilted along the seams, nothing fancy.  The binding is wrapped around and (if I may brag) the mitered corners look excellent.  I have to say, all the patch making really helped me with this quilt.

For future quilts (bigger ones) I'm not sure I'd do wrap around binding.  I'm thinking I want to try quilt as you go.  I think I'll do that for my (never going to be done) postage stamp quilt.  That might encourage me to work on it again.  I could practice my free motion quilting on each little section AND use up some of my oddball fat quarters (some of the fug-o ones I have that I'm wondering what the hell I'll ever use them for).

But first, I want to stitch up some stuff for the Fluff Project.  I'll show that off in the next post.


  1. Adorable! I'm impressed at people that can stop and not turn everything into a giant quilt, that's very cute.

    1. Thanks. I had to keep the size small since it's for a trade and there's a size max. I was pushing the max as it was because I don't like to do math (or cutting half sizes for charms).