Monday, July 21, 2014

For Swaps: Dotees and a Patch

I managed to get three items (all for swaps) done Sunday.

First up, the patch.

This was for a monthly swap where you can make anything you want (there are just size min/max to stay in).

Man, I had one of those "dare to be different" posters as a kid.  Mine was Dalmatians, with one covered in colorful spots (amid all the black and white).  I decided to give a nod to that cheesy poster and make a dare to be different zebra patch.  He is FABULOUS with all the color and some sparkly floss.  Shine on, you crazy star!

The back.  I just wanted polka dots to clash with the stripes.

Next up:  Paranormal Dotee.

Is it true?  Does he really exist!


Here you can see his whole self complete with ric rac tail.  Man, I was so worried it would look like a string of poo, you know, like when goldfish poo and it just hangs there from them.  Nasty.

The tail is just three strips of ric rac in different widths, sewed at the center.  Super easy and a nice break from all the boring beaded tails I normally do.  The hanger is just embroidery floss (I forgot to put something nicer into the seam when I was sewing).  And I had a bitch of a time with the hanger too.  I was trying to get it centered well but failed.  I didn't find the balance so Nessie pitches to the back a bit (which is better than when he was pitching forward).  Now he looks like he's launching himself up out of the water, which we all know he'd never do because he's coy and doesn't want folks seeing him.

Next up, August Unique Holiday dotee.


Cute with a pom pom = fluffy cute!

But what on earth is it?

Well, August 2nd is ice cream sandwich day.

See, there's the ice cream!

Big thick ice cream sandwich with cookies that (given how warped they are) are clearly stale.  That's how ice cream sandwich cookies are best, when they bend when you bite them and they stick to your teeth and fingers and when you lick your fingers you have to scrape the residue off with your teeth.  Mmmm, ice cream sandwiches.

I got away from felt with this one and used flannel for the ice cream and some odd fuzzy fabric (the same I used for the turd!) for the cookies.  I stuffed the cookies with a layer of cheap acrylic felt to give them some stability (and I was too lazy to go get actual quilt batting, which would have worked too--though I think the cheap felt was a better choice, it was really stiff and only good for use as a stuffing--scratchy and icky).

The eyes are safety eyes and the pom pom came from some stuff my sister got me at the thrift store. Again, I wanted to do something different than just another *yawn* beaded tail.

The flannel came from the remnant bin at Joanne's.  I got it to make some ghosts for the Fluff Project but decided to use a tiny bit for this project.  I had some great scores from the remnant bin this weekend.  I went to the store to get the green floss for Nessie and to get some white flannel for the Fluff Project.  I scored about 1 1/3 yards of white flannel (two remnants both large sized) for around $4.  And I got a yard of small wale light brown corduroy (for use on reindeer, also for the Fluff Project) for $2.50.  OH YEAH.  That's th way to do it!

Next up?  I'm working on a Billy Joel patch and a mini cat themed quilt and the Fluff Project ghosts and reindeer.

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