Monday, July 7, 2014

Swaps: Patch and Dotees

Very crafty three day weekend.

Time to show off all the goodies I finished.

First up, a patch.

It's another song theme patch.

This time it was Dolly Parton songs.

I chose "Harper Valley PTA".  Technically the version I first heard wasn't Dolly's but I love her version, too.  Hell, I just love the song so when I saw it on Dolly's song list I jumped.

The patch is based on the line, "they sure were surprised when mama wore her mini skirt into the room"

The skirt is hemmed on all edges and then sewn down on the sides (the bottom is open but there's nothing to see under there, you peeping toms!).  The legs were traced from some fabric I have.  I wasn't confident I could free hand draw some sexy gams.

The back.  Cute girly fabric.

Really simple patch but I really like it a lot.  It's one of the ones I was tempted to keep (and could see myself making another of for myself, maybe some day).

Next up, two dotees.

First was for the theme "felt".  You just had to use felt to make it.

Aww, don't look so sad!

Wondering what on earth that thing is?

Does that help any?

Well, you can see the tail better.  I think it kind of looks a bit like a mushroom.

It's a SNAIL!

I used a strip of felted sweater vest. The very same hideous sweater vest I used (many moons ago) to make an alligator.  I folded the strip on itself and sewed it together.  Then I rolled it up so the seam was inside.  Some mamby-pamby stitching over the sides of the shell and to get the head shape and then add a scrap for the tail and you have a funky snail.

Next up is my summer dotee.  The only requirement was it had to have at least one flower on it (not just printed on the fabric or on the tail).

How's that for fun and summery.  Springy, too!

I used some Briar Rose scraps.  Man, I like that print more and more every time I use it.  I may just cave and buy some more (if I see it on sale).

The tail is just a wee string of beads (clear, green, and pink alternating).

Simple stitched face and four felt flowers on the head.  The flowers were made the same way I made the popcorn (again, many moons ago).  They each have a bead in the center.

The summer dotee is off to the Netherlands.  I hope it's well received.

Ok, I have one more post to get up to show off the rest of the things I made this weekend.

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