Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fluff Project: Work in Progress Wednesday

After I finished my mini quilt yesterday (I did it start to finish and it was fabulous) I got down to some prep work for some Fluff Project items.

The cutting.  OH, the cutting!!

And it's not all done yet, either.  I still have all the face pieces to cut and the scarves for the reindeer.

Yes, I'm doing ghosts and reindeer.

I cut all the body pieces for 4 reindeer and 16 ghosts.  That's four of each size.

That is all that remains of the approximate 1.25 yards of white flannel I scored in the remnant bin.  I'm so glad I could not only use it all but that the totals came out even.

It was as I was pressing all the fabric that I realized I had picked the HOTTEST day of the year (almost 90 degrees) to cut corduroy and flannel.  Head, meet desk.

I still have a good bit of the corduroy (I got a yard of it for $2.50!) but I'm going to stitch up what I have cut already (20 items) then do another round of cutting.  I'm hoping the ghosts will go quickly since the faces can be as simple as two eyes and a mouth.  Of course, you know I'm going to makes at least two of the "dad" version that has a MUSTACHE!!!

I also have to stitch up some more swap items.  I have two open swaps on my dash right now and a few more will be assigning partners soon.

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