Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Work in Progress Wednesday

I have a couple of things in progress right now.  The one that's the furthest along is Nessie.

I started last night only to discover I don't have enough of the proper embroidery floss. So this weekend I need to pick up some more (yes, I keep a shopping list on my phone just for crafty stuff!).

Nessie is for a swap.  It's coming along nicely. I 'm toying with making him a tam (tam o shanter).

The other in progress item is a snail.  I got the pattern cut out yesterday but that's about it.  It shouldn't be too tricky.  It's also for a swap.

I have a third item on my list but haven't technically started it yet.  It's a mini cat themed quilt (again, for a swap).  And I'm also pondering some Fluff Project sewing.  Now's the time to get Halloween and Christmas themed items stitched up.  I'm eager to try out two My Funny Buddy patterns (ghost and reindeer).  I just need to check my fabrics.  I might need to pick up a some solids to make them.  I know I don't have a lot of white on hand and I think I want flannel for these.

I'm on instagram now and hope to share my WIP pic for the Hawthorne Threads weekly giveaway.

That's all I got for now. . .OH, wait, I got some new presser feet for my machine.  I now have a walking foot and free motion quilting foot (among others) so I'll be playing with those a bit.  Big fun!

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