Monday, July 7, 2014

For Pinks Sakes: Quilt Blocks for Charity.

Anna at Life So Crafty did a blog hop, For Pinks Sakes.  I couldn't commit to doing the blog tour (they posted on weekends and I don't "computer" much on weekends) but I did want to get in on the sewing portion of the hop.

Anna is collecting pink quilt blocks for inclusion into a charity quilt she's making to help raise breast cancer awareness AND (more importantly) funds of her mother in-law's treatment.

She's collecting any style as long as they are minimum 4 inches (finished) and contain pink fabrics.  Also, square/rectangle is better.

So I decided to make some more blocks.  I made one a few months ago (just a simple 2.5 inch patchwork one) but I pawed through my stash and found all the pink I had and realized I needed to make more blocks.  I've been trying to bust my stash and this was PERFECT.  It was also a perfect chance to try out a simple/basic block I've been wanting to try.


Log cabin blocks for the WIN.

I made them one round smaller than the instructions I found.  But these are around 10 inches in size (didn't measure, but the longest log on them is 10.5 inches so they're in that ballpark).

Those were the first two I made.  I did a fussy cut cute print for the centers.  I just HAD to use that piggy.

(oh, any wonkiness you see in them is because they're on a lumpy picnic table--the blocks aren't crookedy like that).

Once I made that pair I was kind of hooked.  I just had to make a few more.

And since I was cutting fabric, I felt obligated to keep using the fabric, trying to use as much of the cut bits as possible.  Then when one print would get low, I'd try to use it all up.  It was like a game!

I tried not to duplicate the center square on any of them.

(beware, my toes are in the next pictures!  these little piggies were putting the sewing machine pedal to the metal)

I ended up with a total of eight log cabin blocks.

And all kinds of little pieces left over.  SO. . .I had to make two more blocks to bring the grand total up to 10.

2.5 inch charms in a nine patch style.  Very basic.  (again, any warbly/wonkiness is due to the surface they are on, they turned out very neat--except for one seam on each of them.  It curled over and I shook my fist at it and put a pox on its home!)

They measure at about 6 inches each?  I put my 5 inch square ruler on them to make sure they met the minimum size requirements and they were larger than it so I was all good.

I had so much fun making these.  It was nice to do some actual quilt block making for a change.

And I realized I like the smell of hot fabric.  When you're ironing (pressing--whatever) some unwashed fabrics and you get that sizing smell?  Yeah, I like that a lot.

I mailed these off this morning and I hope they are of some use to Anna.  Hell, even if she thinks they suck, I had fun and busted some of my stash so I'm a big winner!

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  1. Your blocks turned out wonderful and they really do look great. Double score for you doing something like this (seriously, 10 blocks is a good start to any quilt) and busting up the stash..WOOOT! (And, yeah, there is something weirdly awesome about hot fabric smells).