Thursday, July 24, 2014

Work in Progress: Eugene Approved

Eugene approves of this work in progress.

Not to fret, I cover up my works in progress when I'm not around to supervise.  So there won't be a big ole ring of "I slept here" hair on anything.  Or, worse, pieces won't go missing.  Miss Olive did that just the other day when I was making Nessie.  I went outside to take photos and when I came back in herself was on the floor chewing at something on her foot.  It was a pattern piece, fully destroyed.  Good thing it was just cut from notebook paper.  That pattern took a big hit.  Between the two of them I lost the fin pattern pieces and they mutilated the body gusset piece (from the larger version).  SO BAD.

I got two of the large ghosts ready for the machine.  I'm going to make one of each face on each size.  I have the "dad" (mustache one) and "boy" (just regular eyes) ready for the machine.  I have the pieces cut for "mom" (has a purse!) and "daughter" (has a hair bow).  I'll try to get those ready for the machine tonight.

The one issue I'm having is the white fluff from the flannel pulling through when I stitch on the black face pieces.  I'm sure it's more annoying/noticeable to me then to anyone else but it's still bothersome.

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