Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Two dotees finished.

One is to angel for a swap I hosted and someone got screwed over.  Of course it was for the June and July Unique Holiday swap, so it was two dotees.  I don't mind at all making replacements but it annoys me that someone screwed someone else on a big swap.  It also irritates because the person who flaked had great potential.  It was nice to have a new person in the dotee swaps (especially international) but now I have to ban her from my future swaps.  Grrr.

So, the pink monster is to celebrate Pink Day (June 23).  I was just in the mood to do something simple and I love the patchwork dotees I make for the rainbow series so why not go with a pink one.

I haven't used that shape in a bit and I realized it needed a little refining.  I don't mind that it's uneven but I also do mind.  So after I made little Pink here, I trimmed the pattern a bit to even it out.

You might not be able to see it very well in the slightly overexposed pic, but Pink has two little buck teeth.  The pink pig on his/her head is a stick on.  I'm really hoping it stays on during shipping.  It's holding strong now but I worry.

I have one more dotee to make for this angel package.  I'm going to make a yellow pig for Yellow Pig day (July 17).  I have the pattern all picked out (it's from a book).  So it's going to be less a classic dotee and more a small stuffie with a hanger and tail.

Blue here is for the rainbow dotee series.  Obviously, he's the blue dotee.  Keeping with my theme, I did patchwork for him.  But it's very large patchwork and only on one side.  The back is just one piece of blue fabric.  It's toile on the back.  Well, a toile print cotton (not a heavy canvas).  I wanted the images to show a bit so I didn't cut up the toile scrap.  The front is three pieces.

I really like the eye lashes.  It's fun to do something different for a change, like using these beads.  I've had the string for bit and this dotee was perfect for them.  The balloon dog is a stick on.  Again, I hope it holds during mailing but even if it doesn't it can be stuck back on by the recipient.

The hanger is a change for me, too.  I made it from scrap.  I had a bit of blue ribbon but I wanted to do something different.  I might do this more often for dotees, I like it (and it's super simple).

The tail is different for me, too.  It's just an odd trimming/scrap of netting that I knotted in the center and then inserted into the stuffing opening.  I like the look.

For both dotees, I closed them using the machine.  Normally I hand sew the openings but I didn't feel like it this time.  It worked out well.

What else am I working on?

Well, the yellow pig (have all the supplies pulled).  And the Billy Joel patch (supplies pulled).  And a little tree stump (working on that).  The stump is turning out well and I'm excited to see how it turns out.  I'm glad I got something different for that swap (I'll get into that when I show off the tree stump).

I also have Fluff Project stuff on the table but it's pushed aside right now.  I want to do a mail run on Friday so I want to see if I can get at least one more package done to go out in that run (it will either be the stump or the yellow pig).

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  1. Hi!!!! Those are so cute!!!! Someone will be very happy!!!!