Monday, July 28, 2014

Crazy Cat Quilt: Now totally DONE.

I finished up the last details on the crazy cat quilt.

Squint!  Can you see the details on some of the blocks and along the edge?

Closeup time!

There's a kitty button at the top left corner and a tale of yarn.  The yarn goes down the side and along the bottom to a ball of yarn.

The yarn ball is a pom pom wrapped in yarn.

Then a few of the squares have decorations.

That's just two of them.  I think I did 4 or 5 of the blocks.  Just with small buttons or silver fish/bones.  Nothing overly exciting.

I didn't want to do a ton of decorations because I like the way the plain quilt looks.  I was tempted to make a little felt kitty (on a pin back) but after I got the yarn kitty on there I think that is better.

See why I had to take the pic of my cats on it before it was 100% done?  They would have gone right after that yarn ball.