Wednesday, April 30, 2014

GIVEAWAY: Win a visit from a Traveling Stash Box CLOSED

A few weeks back I won a turn with one of the Traveling Stash boxes that are cruising around the crafty blogs.  (sorry, I don't remember the number on this box, I want to say it's #2. . .if you win it will be noted on the instruction sheet in the box).

Anywho, I won a visit from the Traveling Stash box and it arrived Monday (WOOT!).  I'm not exaggerating in the least when I say that box was STUFFED.  I see why the box is sent priority mail, where there aren't strict weight limits because that box was HEAVY.  It was filled with a lot of really great stuff, and it's very heavy on FABRIC.  Don't get me wrong, I like other sewing items but I'm really after fabric first and foremost.  This box is 3/4 fabric.

Ok, enough yammering.  Y'all want to see what I took and what I put in, right?  Want to know if it's worth tossing your name into the drawing, right?

WAIT, first I have to make sure you all know how this works before I get you all excited.

This is NOT A PRIZE.  You don't get to keep the whole box of stuff.  You take what you want from the box and then replace it with items of equal (or better) value.  That means if you take 5 fat quarters you replace with the equivalent of 5 fat quarters.  Or if you clean out the patterns and books, you put some new ones in there along with something else good.  You get it, right?  THEN, you make a post like this here one and you pick a winner and then you send the box to them.


The box is a medium sized priority box that is about $12 to mail (sorry, U.S. only).  Just want to make sure you know that before you decide you want the box to pay you a visit.

I will say, this box is definitely worth $12.  I definitely got $12 out of it and I definitely put $12 value back into it (along with what was already in there).

OK, now for the pics.

Here is what I took from the box:

A 4 inch square ruler and this piece of fabric that's four fat quarters printed onto on big piece of fabric.  I love the colors on the fabric and I love the idea of having four different FQs printed together like this.

NINE other FQ sized pieces (I didn't measure to see if they were exactly FQ but I know they weren't much smaller than that).

So I took 13 FQ sized pieces of fabric and one ruler.  So I needed to replace at least 13 FQs of fabric (sorry, I couldn't replace the ruler, I took it because I have very few rulers or tools like that so. . .it's just gone).

Bet you're worried I took all the good stuff, right?  Heck NO.  Of the stack of nine FQ, each of those fabrics came from a coordinating stack.  So there are still some black and white FQ, some "glittery" ones, some muted blue/turquoise, and some bright colors.  And there was another coordinated stack that I didn't take any from at all.  I didn't count but I'd say there are at least 20 FQs left in the box AND some solids and some other fabric (that I'll leave as a surprise).  That was BEFORE I added my stuff to replace what I took.

Want to see what I added?

Six (6) purple batik FQs.

True confession, I don't much care for batiks.  I like the look but not the feel.  I got these via swaps and I do like them but I doubt I'll ever use them and they look so nice together so this is a great way to send them off into the world to hopefully be used.

The box was woefully lacking in novelty prints so I had to remedy that.

Three (3) more FQs, two that are from the same line and one random one.

Three (3) more random FQs, again with a bit of novelty.  I got that pirate print via swaps and ended up with a duplicate so the extra one was perfect to share.  It's really cute fabric.

This piece is big.  It's 1/2 yard ish (I measured it but forget the exact size, I think it's slightly bigger than 1/2 yard).  I got it via a scrap box and have yet to use it so it's time for it to find a new home.  It's really pretty fabric.

Something girly novelty.

This is a scrappy sized.  It's WOF but only two of those panels long.  All the panel images are intact and they're about 4 inches square.  Very cute for applique.  Again, I got it via a scrap bundle and like it but it would take me a while to use it so it needs to go to a new home.  It would be super cute in a little girl's quilt or doll quilt.

Last but not least, I added one more "odd cut".

This is a panel.  It's not quite a full yard but it is complete.  I bought it as a panel (back when I just bought fabric randomly because I was bored) and I've had it for over a year and never touched it so it needs to get out there and be used by someone else.  It's white fabric (with a very faint polka dot look to it) printed with letters.  The whole alphabet is represented but (as you can see) some popular letters are repeated.  It's a really great fabric but (story of my life) I'll never get around to using it so it needs to go to a new home.

So, final count of what I added to the box is:  12 FQ, one 1/2 yard, 1 scrappy sized panel, and 1 full panel.  All are new and unwashed and excellent quality.

The box also contains some patterns, a book, a few notions, and a buttload of other fabric.

I have to say, if I saw this traveling stash I'd want to get my hands on it.  You can definitely get $12 worth of stuff out of it, NO PROBLEM.

OK, now for some more rules and how to enter.

-------------------GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED:  Winner was crossquilt---------------------------

U.S. ONLY, please.

Must be an active blogger (so you can make a post to give it away to someone else).

To enter:

1.  Leave a comment on this post.  INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THE COMMENT.  No email address and your entry will not be counted.  I need your email so I can contact you if you win (and I'm lazy and don't want to go hunting for your email).

One comment per person total.

That's it.  Leave a comment (with your email address in it) and you're entered.

I will draw a winner on WEDNESDAY MAY 7 and announced in a separate blog post.

Winner will be contacted via email and have two days to reply with their address.  No reply and a new winner will be drawn.

Please remember, U.S. ONLY and you have to be willing to send the box along to a new person if you win.

Thanks for checking this out and GOOD LUCK!!

--------------GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED-----------------------------------------


  1. I'd love to have a visit from the Traveling Stash

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    Crystoll at aol dot com

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    (Was so excied I forgot to add my email!)

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