Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Teesha Patches : Astrological Signs and Queen (music patch)

Some patches I just finished up.

First, Astrological Signs.  The challenge was to make your partner's signs (east and west signs).

Rooster and Cancer.

What the what?  Did I really. . .

Yes, yes I did.

I finally used some of my Happy Drawing (or maybe it's Happy Drawing Too) fabric.  I've been hoarding both lines since the minute they were introduced and it was time to finally use a little bit.  I just love both lines so dang much.

I also used some of the cool glittery embroidery floss I just bought, too.  Let me just say, that stuff is a pain to work with.  Not horrible but it twists a LOT.  But the finished stitches look really good.  (tip:  don't sew with a long piece of the sparkly floss--shorter is better for it)

I put bead eyes on the two bigger crabs and gave them sparkly symbols (hee hee, sixty-nine!).  The big orange one got a bit of embroidery on the legs, too (gray got shorted because its legs were covered by the border.

Smaller crabs got french knot eyes and beading/embroidery.  Blue got beaded claws and embroidered legs while. . .

Orange just got beaded legs.

I used the sparkly floss to sew the frame, too.  I love the look.

Next up, Rooster.

Oh, how badly I wanted to write "cock" instead of rooster.

Again, I used the sparkly floss for the writing.

Did you notice I used the same fabric for the front of this and the back of the crabs?  It's a fun fabric with sparkly stars.

The rooster is from the Kawaii pack I bought.  I had one other fabric with roosters but they were goofier looking (and on this obnoxious yellow fabric).  This rooster was clearly the best for this project.

Just a close up of the beads and stitching.  I was tempted to do the writing in glitter but was afraid it would rub off too easily.  And actual glitter can be a hot button for some folks who just hate it with a passion.

The patch needed a bit more and I'd been wanting to use some of the bigger beads I have so I took some that looked more like planets.  I love the bumpy texture on the light blue one.

And the backs.

For reference, the bigger patch is 5x5.

Next up is the patch I made for the Queen themed swap.  Yup, make a patch based on a Queen song.

Three guesses what I chose (and the first two don't count).

Fat Bottom Girls!

The idea was spawned from the little bike charms.  I found them while shopping and wanted them but needed to justify them (not for the cost, they were only a dollar or so for a pack of five) but I'm trying not to add too much to my craft hoard.

Then I remembered the song patch swaps we'd been having and BAM, we needed to have a Queen themed one so I could make a Fat Bottom Girls patch.

More embroidery.

Originally I was going to use some lined fabric for the front (lined to look like notebook paper) and then composition book cover fabric for the back (that mottled black like the cover of comp books) but then I was pawing through my fabric and HOT DAMN, I had bike fabric.

How sad is that that I forgot I had multiple yards of bike fabric.  In my defense, I have (I think) three yards of a different bike print that I bought to make a skirt (along with a pattern and all the notions) but I got too scared and never made it.  I had a yard of the print I have here but no good justification for having it except I thought it was cute and it was probably on some kind of good sale.  I swear, back in the day I used to buy fabric all the freaking time just because I was bored.  I'm getting a lot better about that, which is a big accomplishment.  But my fabric stash is way bigger than even I can imagine.  Oops!

I did remember that I had a scrappy piece of some Heather Ross bike print fabric but I wasn't sure I wanted to use it for this because the bikes are very child like and (to be totally honest) I'm very stingy with how I used that bit o'fabric.

The back of the patch.  All kinds of bikes and even scooters and wagons.  Get on your scooter and ride?  Ok, that doesn't have quite the same ring to it.  Though this fat bottom girl would totally want to be pulled around in a wagon cuz I be lazy, n'at.

What's next on my creating agenda?

How about a bag made with patches?  Yeah, working on that now.  And some other patches and dolls for the Fluff Project and some dotee dolls.  Oh, and painting.  I really do need to show off the painting I'm working on now.

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