Friday, April 11, 2014

For a swap: Zombie Dotee

A zombie that looks a lot like Mr. Bill.

OH NO!!!

I wanted icky but not super gross or horrific.

Heck, everything I make ends up looking cute.

Even a popped out eyeball.

The hair is an upcycled tassle (like you'd see on furniture or a pillow).  Someone sent it to me as an extra so I trimmed some of the fringe off and tied little tufts (about 5 strands each) and stuck them in between the stitches.  I think it really makes the doll.  Fright hair for the WIN.

I finally got a chance to use one of the super cool skull beads I have, too.  I chose yellow purely because it didn't have a mate.  There were two odd balls on the strand, one yellow and one blinged out with crystals.  I almost chose the crystal one but I love it so much I need to save it a bit longer before I use it.  I really love these skull beads.

Ok, that's all I have for now.

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