Friday, May 2, 2014

For a swap: More Patches

These are all for one swap.

The theme is Teeny Tiny (no bigger than 3x3) and profile based.

Oh, and you had to make three.

My partner listed dragons as a like so I found a use for this charm I bought a while ago.  They also like black and white together which was easy.  I used the shiny silver floss for the embroidered fire/sparks coming out of the mouth.

They also liked "bright red".  Now they didn't list cats as a specific like but it they also weren't a dislike so I decided to use this sparkly bright colored kitty (on a black background) then add some more shiney silver embroidery and bright red beads and then finish the whole dealie with bright red polka dot fabric.  The poor quality photo doesn't do the color justice (for reference, the fabric the patch is sitting on is chocolate brown--yeah, the colors in the pic are so damn off).

They also listed purple and black together as a like so I made this random patch of randomness.  I just decided to do some rambling embroidery (using shiny purple floss) then realized it kind of looked like a stick figure dancing about so I did a bit of fill stitch to make the body and that was that.  Some nice purple fabric to finish and bob's your uncle.

The backs.  Black and white, purple and bright red.

They are all just shy of 3x3 in size and will be off to Australia come Monday.

Next up?

Winter Patch
Random patch
Dotee with a pocket

(and I need to work on the Teesha Bag that needs mailed out at the end of the month--all these other patches are really getting me in the patch mood)

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