Friday, April 18, 2014

Hoppy Easter, Fluff Project!

*whispering*   *giggling*

"Hey, guys, do you get the weird feeling someone is watching us?"

"Is it that cat again?"

"EEEE, not that cat!"

*whispers and squeals*

Don't worry, little bunnies.  Eugene won't hurt you.  He's much more interested in the ribbons and feathers and bits of yarn he can find.  Even though he KNOWS he's not supposed to get on the table.

"Where is he now?"


"Keep him away!!!"

*in unison*  "Yeah, we know you gave one of US to him."

Calm down.  That bunny wasn't one of you.  It was the test bunny and it never even got pupils or a tail.  It was just fleece in a bunny shape with white eye patches.  Not even a NOSE and was filled with just some catnip.  We call it 4:20 Bunny.


"That's funny."

Yeah, I thought so too.  So you can just relax, you won't end up in Eugene and Olives' toy box.  You're headed off to the Fluff Project.

"Are we going now?  We need to pack!"

No, not yet.  Just hop into a box and hang out.  I need to make a few more toys before I ship you all out together.  You're only 1/4 of the toys I want to donate this quarter.

"Will you make more bunnies?  We only have two with red scarves.  We need more with red scarves."

I don't think so.  There are already 10 of you.  I think that's enough bunnies.

*in unison*


But I might make some guinea pigs or some dolls.

*in unison*


Or maybe some kitties.




Honestly, I'm not sure what other stuffies I'll make.  For now, I'm just happy to have 10 bunnies all finished.  I'll have to go through my patterns and see what strikes my fancy.  I'd like to try out some patterns I haven't already done.  The skeleton kitty (only without the skeleton bones because that's super time consuming) just might make the cut.  The bunnies will just have to take deep breathes and remain calm.

Here's to being 1/4 of the way to my personal goal of 40 toys by the end of July (the Fluff Project Quarter).

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