Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hopeful Threads NEW PROJECT

Well, it's not exactly "new" but it is the new project for the next quarter.

This quarter (April to July) is focused on the FLUFF PROJECT.


That makes my life so much simpler (and it is all about me, dontcha know?).

Kristy's challenge/goal is 500 stuffies donated for this quarter.  Given the long time frame, I bet that happens with no problem.

But to keep me from getting lax, I'm setting a PERSONAL GOAL for this quarter.

37 handmade stuffies.

That's one for every year I have been alive.

I'll probably round up to 40 just because I like round numbers, but I'm aiming to make no fewer than 37 stuffies.

And in a bit of "cheating" I'm going to start my count with the March (now April. . .cue the sad trombone sound) Hares.  I just need to sit down and finish up the few I have pinned and ready for the machine.  It's all downhill from there.

If memory serves, that's 10 stuffies right there.  So I've taken a nice chomp out of my goal.

And in all honestly, I'd love to do even more than 40.  Fifty would be AWESOME!

But first, get the March Hares done and out the door.  Then I can check out my patterns and pick a new item to make.

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