Friday, April 4, 2014

Fabric Fast Update: Truly Broke the Fast (and a purchase review)

Brace yourselves.

This post is going to showcase an Official break in my Fabric Fast.  I know, I know, I already broke the fast buying that Frog and Toad fabric but I did manage to twist my rules and come up with a project for that fabric so that purchase is barely squeezing its way through a loophole.

But not this purchase.  I bought this purely because I'd been wanting it and it was on a good sale.

So, what did I buy?

One of the leftover club packs from Pink Castle Fabrics.  Pink Castle Fabrics has fabric clubs and the one I'd had my eye on (and almost got a subscription to) was the Kawaii Club.  I love kawaii and Japanese fabrics and all that so it was a club just made for me.  But I knew I was going on a fast so I didn't sign up for it.  And I was kind of worried I might not like the selections so it was best to just wait.

I'm glad I did.  Pink Castle sells off leftover packs from previous months.  And they just had a 20% off your whole order sales and they had leftover February packs and JUST GUESS WHAT WAS IN THE PACK?!

Scaredy Cat.

I love that line of fabric so much and wanted some since I first saw it but it was slightly pricier and I just couldn't justify it.

Until I saw it in the February leftovers (that's the best part about buying the leftovers, you get to see what's in them!).

I could have gone for the fat quarter or fat eighth size. I opted for the smaller one to kind of keep with the spirit of the Fabric Fast.  Yes, I was buying but I was buying the smaller size.  Compromise, folks, compromise.

Ok, time for pics.

These three fabrics are the most "boring" of them.  But I still like all of them.  The brown print (left upper corner) has a ton of cute images.  The one below it is even cuter with TONS of images (including some little cats--I do love cat fabric).  All of the fabrics are great quality.  Some are the really cool to the touch cottons (I call the "crispy") and some are the linen blend types ("rough") and the mountain fabric is something I've never felt before.  It's rough-ish like the linen blends but has an unevenness to the finish.  I'm not sure what it's called but I'm wondering if it's "double gauze".  Either way, it's really nice and I'm sure I'll find uses for it.

Ooh, it's getting cuter and cuter up in here.

I have closeups of two of these (hold on, we're getting there).  But the pink one (bottom left corner) was one I thought was going to be boring.  In the Pink Castle Fabrics preview pic, all you could see was roosters.  I thought "boring" but it wasn't a deal breaker.  But when I got the fabric and unfolded it it was dotted with super cute chickies and hens and it was great.

But not the winner for "cutest".

That prize might have to be shared by these two fabrics.

EEEEE, it's a pineapple driving a car!!!!

And look at the popcorn!!!!

Ok, this fabric is what really made me buy the bundle.  I wanted the Scaredy Cat print (and probably would have bought the pack just for it, truth be told) but that galldurn cute pineapple driving that car was visible in the preview pic and I HAD TO HAVE IT!!  That's so freaking kawaii I could poop.


Just look at that fabric.  The pic doesn't even get close to doing it justice.

True confession, I have no idea what those little white blobs are supposed to be (maybe wontons?) but they kind of remind me of Kinder Eggs OR Moomin (Moomin are so dang cute).  Not that it matters because they are so darn cute I nearly died.

The preview pic hardly showed this print at all so I was spazzing when I saw it.  LOOK AT THEM.  Camping and showering and just living their cute little lives.  *swoons*  Yeah, that print is kawaii to the max.

And, and, and, there was still TWO cat print fabrics.


Scaredy Cat, which is cuter in person and that bottom fabric?  In the previews it just looked like a cute food print.  I wasn't really aware that it would have multiple cute kitties on it (and mice and all that).

How dang cute is that kitty, right?

Both those pieces are going right into my cat fabric collection.  Very welcome additions to what will (someday) become the tackiest cat quilt EVAH!

So, I spent right around $20 (including shipping--it was $20 and some coin) and I couldn't be happier with the purchase.  In fact, I'd be willing to pause my fast to get future leftover bundles if they look good.

Now, I have one more Fabric Fast confession to make.  I have a $5 gift certificate to EQuilter and it expires on 4/18.  I got it for doing a survey and I plan to use it.  The gift certificate will almost cover shipping (I'd end up paying around $1.95 for the lowest shipping range--they base shipping on order total ranges).  That means I could get one of their Booty Packs (scrap packs by theme) for only $2 shipping.  I'm seriously considering getting the animal one (in hopes of landing some fun cat fabrics).  But I'm waiting until the expiration date is a bit closer and keeping my eyes on their sales to see if they put something on my wish list on sale.  Either way, I'm going to try and spend no more than $20.

Ok, my confessions are over.

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