Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fluff Project Update (and a quilt block I made)

Just some random stuff I'm either finished with or just about finished with.

First, the full on finish.

Sew at Home Mummy made a blog post about a friend who's doing a blog hop/block sharing project via their blog (confused yet?).  You could be part of the blog hop OR just make a block (or two) and send them to Erin at Sew at Home Mummy and she would get them to the person hosting the hop for inclusion into quilts she's making to donate to a cancer charity/hospital. (really, if you want the full story with all the details check out the above link, I'm just doing a fast and loose summary here).

SO. . .I made a pink block to help out with the charity quilt(s) this blogger is planning to make.

I was going to make a bigger block but when I started pawing through my stash I realized I don't have much in the pink family.  Wouldn't you know, back when I was doing that series of swaps for stash builders, I got flaked on for the pink.  At the time I wasn't that worked up over it since pink's not a big color for me but. . .since I only had a few FQ of pinks and they didn't really work well together I was about to just scrap the plan to make a block when. . .

I was going through my 2.5 inch charms (just playing with them) and LIGHTBULB MOMENT I realized I had some nice pinks in the mix and could just pull some of them to make a decent sized block and the problem would be all solved.

So that's what I did.  One block made from 2.5 inch charms.  I tried to make all the pinks go with each other.  I did try to alternate really light with darker.  I think it turned out well.  I really like the "faith/hope" text charm.

And, it was good practice for my postage stamp quilt (and made me want to work with it some more but I have so many other things that are more pressing to do first, like swaps!).

After I got the block done, it was time to give some attention to the Fluff Project.

Cute little girly girls!

I was really worried these wouldn't work out.  That they would look dumb or cheap when finished but they really look cute.

Gossip girl!

Look at the girl on the left trying to pretend like she's not listening.  Mmm, hmm.  We know you like what you're hearing.  (wonder what's being said!)

These ladies are a little better behaved.  Though the one in the middle looks a little TOO innocent.  I bet she did something naughty and we just haven't discovered it yet.

I just have to close up each of these dolls and then they are ready to join the bunnies in the holding box.

That will bring my total finished toys to 16.  Sweet 16!

I'm aiming to do 40 toys for this quarter's challenge so I'm doing well on that front.  I also have fabrics pulled to try and make some puppies and some dinosaurs (both My Funny Buddy patterns) but I need to do a lone practice of each one before I decide if I can do a small assembly line of them.  I think both will make the cut but you never know.

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