Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Showing off some swaps: Dotee and Angler Fish

Made and angler fish for an art doll swap.  It's a series based on theme words.  This theme word was "light".

He has a real light bulb (night light size) and a fully poseable antenna (or whatever you call the dealie that the light is on).

Hanging by his antenna.  WEEEE!!

Netting for his fins.

My cats were breaking their necks trying to rip up that netting, too.  Olive even got the small piece I had (just a scrap) down and was tearing it just for the joy of destroying.  Thankfully I had enough to make all the fins and still have a bit left.

I also finished a dotee doll.

It's the first in the Rainbow series.  RED.

I think I'm going to do patchwork for all of the colors.  I do enjoy pawing through my "little bits" scrap bucket to make patchwork.

(these pics are so crappy)

Silly face is silly.

Yes, he does have a flower on his lapel (or where a lapel would be).  He's a dapper gentleman.

He's also (very crudely) shaped like a stop sign.  Since I'm mathematically challenged (really, it's so sad how bad I am at mathy stuffs) all the sides aren't equal in size but there are eight sides.

Back patch work.

The tail has balls.  *snerk*

Well what did you expect?  He's a BOY.

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