Monday, April 29, 2013


What can I say?  I have a thing for naming my giant squids after The Notorious B.I.G.

The first squid was Biggie Smalls.

This is NotoriouS.q.u.i.d.

Just chilling in my kitchen, swiping dust bunnies out from under the edges of the cabinets.

He got a lot of smiles when he made his debut at Art All Night this weekend.  He also irked a few folks who weren't exactly sure the best way to display him.  He ended up lashed to a cross bar in one of the painting display kiosks, with his long/arm tentacles hanging down to kind of tap folks on their heads.  And even with Art All Night being held in a filthy warehouse and frequented by crazy drunks (they did cut down on folks coming in with open containers), he survived mostly unscathed. His hands did get a bit of dirt but it should clean well enough.  I'm not overly worried about it.  It gives him character.  I knew when I gave him white her sides (on his tentacles) he was going to need to pack a few Shout wipes!

Close up of his fabrics (with half way decent lighting--a squidy miracle right there!).

I'm happy to report I have a nice bit of each left over because I didn't make ANY sewing errors.  WOOT!! And I was able to get the fabric for around $6/yard (yes, even the fancy lobster print--it's so cute I could spit).

I'm happy I made him and showed him off.  And now I have a giant squid in my collection should I ever want/need new pics should anyone ever want one made for them.  (though I would sell NotoriouS.q.u.i.d. if someone wanted him, dusty limbs and all).

What's up next?

How about a little felt unicorn farting a rainbow.

On a fascinator style hat.

Think I'm kidding?  My sister's birthday/Derby party is this weekend and I've already started my sewing.  The unicorn is coming along nicely, we'll see how the rainbow fart goes.


  1. I saw the squid and wondered if it was yours!! I was going to put a quilt in but changed my mind on Thursday when I realized it would probably get dirty/sticky/puked on/burned down haha Too much risk. At least paintings can be wiped off :)

    1. The squid survived pretty well. The only dirt it gathered was on the tentacles most likely from not being carried carefully enough. I expected more damage from drunken folks pawing on it but I think having it up high kept the touchy feelie to a minimum.

  2. That's an awesome squid and...thank you for giving me something to look forward too...I love farting unicorns!

    1. I'll be working on Farty tonight. I need to have it done by Saturday so it's time to get serious!

  3. Your Squid is crazy! Very cool!