Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dotee Dolls: Some I've made recently

Now that I've shown off what I've received as of late, time to see what I've been making.

First up:

Made for the Fancy Button dotee swap.  The description was simple.  You had to use at least one "fancy button" (meaning not the standard 2 or 4 hole type) on the body of your dotee.  It had to be part of the dotee, not just hanging on the tail.

I've had these buttons in my stash for EVER.  I bought them thinking they'd made wild and crazy eyes for a sock monkey but I never got around to using them until now.  I also busted out some stash fabric.  I've had this in my stash for a long time now.  I bought it (as I did so much fabric back in the day) on a whim when there was a good sale. . .hell, I don't even remember what online store now.  It's super cute Japanese fabric featuring little kids with fruit heads.

Cute and just a wee bit bizarre.  A combo I do enjoy.  The big fruit heads kind of worked with the dotee body shape I chose, too.

Since I had such great success with the trim on the seahorses I made, I used the same process to add the little pop pom trim as hair.  Then I couldn't resist and I added two little string legs at the bottom.  Then, only after I had added the little tail between the legs, did I realize I had added a penis to the doll.  OOPS.  Honestly, that wasn't my intention.  But now that it's there I'm going with it.  It's cute (if you don't have a dirty mind--funny if you do).

Next up is a doll I finished just last night and I'm SUPER excited about it.

Can you immediately recognize what it is?

Maybe this will help.

Oh, how I badly I wanted that image to be true and how disappointed I was when it wasn't (even though I was in college and KNEW the image was an exaggeration).

YES, I made a Sea Monkey!!

This doll is for the May Unique Holiday swap.  Did you know that Sea Monkey day is May 16.  So you still have time to stir yourself up a kingdom of happy little shrimp (or whatever they really are).

I think he turned out VERY well.  But the face is a little bit "charlie brown".  Cute, but Shultz-y.

I used a doll pattern found at Nuno Life .  I just altered the head to add the horns and altered the leg piece to make the tail and edited the leg piece to remove the existing foot and then added my own flipper style feet (which look a lot like Kermit the Frog's feet, now that I'm thinking about it).

I'm so happy this one turned out so well.  It's a tiny bit large (by dotee standards--it's about 6 inches long) but I don't think that will be an issue.

I like this one so much I just might make another (but I don't have a reason to make one right now).

So what's up next?

I need to get my Dorothy dotee finished for Friday (when I have another post office run).  Then finish up the last few stitches on the Giant Squid (needs to be submitted on Saturday).  Then I need to work on a stuffed toy for another swap and maybe (if I still have time) I'd like to make a hat for my sister's Kentucky Derby/Birthday party (I have a fun idea but I don't want to speak about it too much just yet).

Busy, busy, busy.

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