Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Swaps: Dotees Received

Time to show off some of the Dotee dolls I've received lately.

In no particular order:

Received from the Dr. Seuss themed swap I hosted.

I love this little gal.  The creator (sorry, I forgot who made it--I'm bad with names) did an "inspired by" dotee, which I LOVE.  I was hoping someone would go with that option, that's why I wrote the swap description to include that as an idea.  I didn't want everyone to make the same dotee (Grinch/Lorax).  This cutie does right by the good Dr. Suess.  The hair was inspired by Thing 1 and Thing 2 and the face was inspired by the cover critter from (I think, I can't remember now if I'm right) "Hop on Pop".  I think the face is SPOT ON.  It really looks like a Dr. Seuss face.

But what I REALLY love about this one is the tail.  It's a pipe cleaner with a bead on it.  Awesome idea that I bet I end up borrowing (eventually).

Love this dotee.

Love this one, too:

Pretty obvious this one is the Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz swap.  How cute is SHE.  And so much detail!!  I'm feeling very self conscious about the Dorothy I'll end up making (haven't got her done yet--got to get cracking on that).  I love everything about this gal.  She's spot on wonderful.

See, great details.  Little Toto in a basket and (of course!) the ruby slippers!

You know this dotee is inspiring me.  When I was on my latest craft store run, I made sure to pick up a few things just for the Dorothy I make.  I can't cheap out on this one but it's really intimidating me for some reason.  I know it will turn out well.

Last but certainly not least is a random dotee a sweet swapbot friend named Lynne sent me just because she felt like it.

How's that for awesome?

Adorable ladybug with flower antennae!  I just love the colors and the antennae (yes, they really wow me) and the way the wings are constructed from pleated fabric.  Simple but yet still so detailed and well constructed.  This cute little bug-a-boo really represents the heart of what I like to call "classic dotee style".  Take a basic shape and some fabric bits and make a little doll/toy from it.  Creativity and skill coming together to make something fabulous.

Thank you to Lynne and all the swap partners I've had to date.  I have NEVER been disappointed with any of my dotees and they all inspire me in different ways.  THANK YOU!!

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