Thursday, April 11, 2013

Progress Report: Little Portraits

Finally back to painting class.

True confession, we missed the first week because we had to go out to eat.  The wife had a groupon that needed used NOW and I never miss a chance to eat at Savoy (great restaurant) for a deep discount so. . .painting could wait.

But, now I'm back to it.

First up, Mr. Roboto:



Yes, I gave him an antennae-ectomy.  I added to it but it just wasn't right so I lopped it right off.  OUCH.  I also worked on his eye a bit and fiddled with some detail work.  I didn't do much to him since he was second on the easel that night.

Priscilla was first up to be painted, so there are more changes to see.



Crazy progress.  Some better than others.  A few of the circles I'm not really keen on.  The one on her face at the base of her tail is AWFUL.  I'm really toying with just getting rid of it completely.

I worked on the circles, the eye and the eye patch (oh and quick coat on the nose).  I'm really liking the progress on the eye.

BUT. . .something horrible happened.  As we were leaving the heavens opened and it was pouring rain.  I put a garbage bag over both paintings (bag stretched over each, wet paint facing inward so the plastic wouldn't touch it) to make my dash to the car.  I made it just fine and didn't notice any crazy moisture on either painting.  Until I got home.  Once at home I noticed there were little pink speckles all over Priscilla's face.  I was PISSED.  Still am, to be quite honest.  So now I'm going to have to either black out the whole face and start fresh or tediously cover all the pink speckles bit by bit.  There was also a bit of blue speckling on the white of the eye.  GRRRR!!

So a hearty eff you to mother nature.  Of course, I got all emo and claimed I was just going to throw the whole thing in the trash, but I'm over that drama now.  I'll just have to take the time to fix it.  Double GRRR!

I guess this gives me time to finish sewing the other robot I want to use for these portraits.  She's been languishing for EVER, so I really do need to get back to her.

But first,  need to do some more work on my Giant Squid.  I registered for Art All Night, so now I need to get that squid done by 4/27.  *whip cracking sound*

I also want to make some stuffed toys for the April charity project at Hopeful Threads.

Busy, busy, busy.

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