Thursday, April 25, 2013

Progress Report: Little Portraits

Update time.

First up, Mr. Roboto.



The changes are going to get more and more subtle.  Lot of shading and what not.  But I still need to do a lot of work on the eye and antenna, so those changes are fairly obvious.




Same story with Priscilla.  The changes are going to get more and more subtle from here on out.  Still a lot of work to do on the eye patch and a lot of shading work.  I'm really happy with how her eye is coming along and how that one circle (the one that was missing in the "before" shot) turned out.  When you're up on it (looking really close) it's warbly and ugly, but when you're at a proper distance from the canvas it looks decent.  It kind of conveys the shape of the head.  I'm pleased with it.

Since these two canvases are small and don't have a lot left on them, I had to start on my next canvas.  I decided to use one of the extra 8x8 canvases to do something completely different.  I've been wanting to do some truly abstract pieces so I think I'll use the two 8x8s I already have for experimenting with texture and blending.  I want to work some fibers (from scrap fabric/thread) into the paint and just play.  It will most likely be a disgusting mess but it should be something fun and different (while I'm trying to figure out what I want to do next).

The new painting doesn't look like much yet (and probably won't ever look like anything exactly).  I just used paint that was already on my palette and then added in some straight white to get some peaks and chunks of paint.  I think I want to add touches of color to the tips of the peaks once the white is dry.  And (like I already said) add in fibers from my sewing projects.  I think that will kind of keep these paintings in my theme, which is making paintings of other things I have made.  I like that idea.  AND, it will use up some stuff I just throw out anyway.  Love that.

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