Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I'm the big Wiener!!! (I won a prize!)

Well how's this for a little bit of awesome?

I won a scrap pack from Fabricworm for participating in the And Sew On Paper Piecing BOM over at Quite Play.

Yes!  Just for trying my hand at paper piecing I won a prize.  I have to say, it does encourage me to keep trying paper piecing.

SO. . .guess what arrived in the mail yesterday.

My scrap pack!

Time to show off the goodness.

The colors are much nicer in person (of course).  I think I have some of the print on the left (big flowers) in another colorway.  The pattern looks familiar.  Either way, I like it so it's welcome in my stash.  The middle fabric is a great gray shade and I love the flower print (the flowers are just a bit funky, and I like funky).  The right side fabric is polka dots and I'll never turn away a polka dot.

These three match each other a bit.  The top one is a brighter blue, the middle is a more muted blue/green and the bottom one. . .LOVE IT.  I really like wood grain prints and this one is extra fun since it's boards.  It's a muted blue.

But the best of the bunch is. . .


Really, I said "YES!" when I saw it.  I have wanted some of the Saltwater Octopus print ever since it first came out but I couldn't justify buying it without having a project for it.  Ok, a "real" project (buying fabric just to get a bit to put in my postage stamp quilt is nutty, especially given how much fabric I already have in my hoard).  AND, it's the colorway I like the most, the green.

All of the pieces are very generous, some might even be half yard (or damn close).  A great quality scrap pack.  If I was in the market to buy a scrap pack, this one would have been a great buy (especially if you could get it on a discount--I always like a good sale).  It was packaged nicely, too.  Tied with twine and packed in a zipper bag.  I LOVE those zipper bags.

I feel like I've been rewarded not only for trying new things (paper piecing) but also for sticking to my "fabric diet".  I can't wait to add this new bunch of fabrics to my postage stamp quilt.

Speaking of, I need to plan a major cut-a-thon.  These new additions really have my rotary cutter hand itching!


  1. Congrats on your win! that's a really nice scrap pack. I worry about fabricworm packs because they have a lot of child themed prints. Hawthorne threads scrap packs are great too... #9.95 each and they have a great variety of large pieces. I've bought 6 scrap packs from them already.

    1. I really like the novelty prints Fabricworm has, so that doesn't bother me. I just never bought one because I had no reason too (there was never a good enough sale to justify it!). I'm still tempted to get one of their Japanese print scrap packs.

      Hawthorne threads does have nice scrap packs. I got one once. Lots of variety and nice sizes.

      I love scrap packs and mystery fat quarter bundles. I like the surprise of not knowing what you're getting (exactly).

      The best remnant/scrap bundle I ever got was from fabric.com. There were nearly full yards in it and a lot of variety. But they recently raised the price on them, so I doubt I'll get one again any time soon.

      I'm keen to check out the fabric remnant bundle offered a the Fat Quarter Shop. It's pricey (and a TON of fabric) so I can't justify it now.

  2. There are some cool prints in there! And you've reminded me I better get to work on my April block ;)

    1. It was definitely a good win. Even if all the other prints had been fugly, the octopi would have made up for it ten fold.