Thursday, April 18, 2013

Progress Report: Little Portraits

Time for an update!!

First up, Mr. Roboto.


The overall lightness of this pic is just the pic.  I didn't do much work on this painting.  I put in some high and lowlights (using the thinned out paint method--there's a term for that but I can't be bothered to look it up right now).  And obviously the antenna is there.  I'm not sure about that antenna just yet.  It will need a LOT of work.  So will the eye.  Right now it just has another coat of base color.

Next up, Priscilla.



Again, the overall lightness is just from it being a bad photo.  I didn't get a pic of the crap I had to fix.  It was an easy enough fix, not too time consumming.  I did get rid of two circles, but I plan to put one back (the one over the eye).  The shape was just not right and since I had to put some black in to blot out the damage, that circle needed to go so I could try and do it better.  I'm really liking the eye.  It's coming along nicely. 

Overall it was a good night of painting.  I did cuss out Mr. Roboto's antenna at one point but only briefly.  I don't think any of my paintings have been completed without being cussed out at least once during the process.  Sometimes I wonder if painting isn't really a type of therapy, forcing me to constantly go through the feelings of rejection ("this painting sucks, I suck") only to finally accept them for what they are ("this one's not too bad, I like this or that on it").



  1. *hug*
    I'm a big fan of making things as therapy, but ya, you do have to see the good in them too, I've been really looking forward to seeing how these turn out in the end!

    1. It definitely helps me practice optimism and stop being such a negative chick. I've come to realize being negative all the time is a lot of work. I'm much happier letting a bit of that effort go.