Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dotees: Some Dotees I've Received

Time to show off some of the Dotee's I've received lately.

First up, for the May Unique Holiday swap:

Poor sad dottee.  He's a poor lost sock waiting for the day in May (I think it's May 6) when we can celebrate him.  Don't fret, dear, it's almost here.

I love this dotee's face.  Such a cute frown.  And the little cowboy hat applique?  How effing cute is THAT? And, this is the first dotee I have that's made from flannel.

Next up, for the Fancy Button swap:

How fancy is this lady, huh?

I know the buttons should have been stealing the show for me (what with it being a fancy button themed swap) but what really got me was the shape of the doll combined with the fabric choice.  The combo just makes it really look like a fancy lady (and not just a cute little doll--not that there's anything wrong with cute).

The cape also really stood out.  It's fabulous.  Then combined with the giant button?  Yeah, awesome.

Just a close up of the buttons.  The face button is so fabulous.

So far my track record on received dotees still stands.  Not a dud in the bunch!

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